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tourism and beach tourism trips in Tapanuli Tengah

Tapanuli Tengah is a district in North Sumatra. The capital is Pandan. In general, the potential for marine tourism in Central Tapanuli covering 25 beaches stretching along the coast of West Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra province, 30 small islands with beautiful beaches and underwater, and coral reef ecosystems fascinating underwater, especially around Mursala and Ungge Island. Nicknames as an abundance of charm travel country is not one given to the Central Tapanuli (Tapteng), North Sumatra. All panoramas and details of this area has a particular appeal for travelers there. There, travelers can dive or snorkel to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea is very beautiful. Admiration grew when I found out that the island Marsala has a waterfall in the middle of the sea. It is said that according to the legends and stories of parents island of Marsala, the waterfall comes from Lake Toba.

1.Turkish Binasi
Sorkam combination beach, Central Tapanuli - The beauty of the universe is truly extraordinary is amazing for everyone who enjoy its beauty. This beach is ideal for a beach a tourist attraction as well as an object for photographers, in addition to its clever also very beautiful and also the trees were very friendly to her shores. You could say this beach has not got the magic touch as one of the destinations that should be relied upon by the government. Though potential is very large. Of course the most prominent thought is a long coastline and decorated pine trees in rows. BinasI beach located in District Sorkam West Central Tapanuli. Distance from Pandan town about 50 km or 40 km if from Sibolga to Barus direction. Along the way down also has its own charm. Although the track is small, but the eye is not endless enchantment of nature. Starting from the rice fields to the beach which is not far away on the side of the road.

2.beach Putri
Beach Putri is a small island that is administratively included in the District of Buts Nauli, Central Tapanuli, to get to the island you have to use a boat from the Port of Sibolga that is the closest to Pulau Putri this takes about 1 hour. Beach putri offers marine tourism that is not less interesting to other regions in Indonesia. The island has white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water a bluish tint that is quite attractive to look at. The island offers matchless charm. White sandy beaches, blue sea and a virgin wooded hills. Everything is beautiful to the eye. The mainstay of the island is the beauty of the beach and the sea. Smooth and white sandy beaches. Line of coconut trees grow gracefully along the shore, adds to the beauty of its beaches. On this island we can look at the vast ocean expanse, while breathing fresh air free of pollution.

3.Pantai Pandan
Pandan beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sibolga. Sibolga itself is the name of a small town located on the coast of Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra. Sibolga is quite famous for baharinya travel. Pandan beach is located on the coast of Sibolga, always crowded both weekdays and holidays. The beach is managed by the local government. Pandan beach same as the other beaches consisting of waters that stretches out to sea, so as far as the eye can see there are only blue waters and very clear. When we stood on the beach, as far as the eye could see only the visible blue waters toward the open sea though on the right there is a pretty high hill with a greenish color which is a mainland region of the town of Sibolga. White sand that extends around the coast, adds to the beauty of this beach. White sand on the beach is really very clean and there is absolutely no garbage strewn, so if you want around this coastal area will feel very comfortable at all because of the sand is very fine.

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