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tourism and travel in Bengkulu

Bengkulu is a province in Indonesia. The capital city is located in the city of Bengkulu. The province is located in the southwestern part of the island of Sumatra. The uniqueness of the tourist attractions in Bengkulu can be found in a number of natural charm and fascinating historical heritage. Compiled from various sources, the following are the tourist attractions in Bengkulu most famous. Some of these are compelling nature and amazing historical heritage.

1. Pantai Tapak Paderi
The beach is connected with mrsredford Beach and Long Beach in Bengkulu, a coastal center in the first instance is the first deepwater port in Benghazi as well as supporting marine transportation in Benghazi the British government at the time which is 100 meters from Fort Marlborough. This beach has a charm that is reflected from sand and sea waves. In addition, if the view from the top of the clergy of this, you can also witness the beauty of the ocean, which looks very appealing Bengkulu.

2. Danau Demdam Tak Sudah
The lake is located in the city of Curup, North Bengkulu, not far from the center of the city of Bengkulu at a distance of only about 6 km. The lake is surrounded by green hills is a nature reserve that is a lot of potential and the ecological balance of the ecosystem. a lake surrounded by green hills are very pretty, which became one of the nature reserve area that has so much potential as well as the ecology and ecosystem balance is quite good.

3. Danau Mas Harun Bastari

The lake is located in Selupu Rejang Rejang Lebong, is about 17 km from the city center and is on the edge Curup road between Curup - Lebohang. Its location close to Bukit Kaba make this area as one of the attractions that draw in Bengkulu. Lake Mas Harun State University is a beautiful lake and surrounded by green hills. there is a uniqueness in this lake, which is an island-shaped C. Local residents said that the letter C represents the name of the city Curup.

4. Panjang beach
A very long coastline as far as 7 km is the uniqueness of the tourist attractions in Bengkulu on this one. Long Beach is located in a strategic area of Bengkulu tourism, an area complete with public facilities and accommodations are complete. From downtown, you only need about 15 minutes to arrive on Long Beach is, or is about 3 km. Bengkulu Long Beach has a beauty that is different from the other coast. Keistimewaannya lies in its white sand and very fine grained as well as spacious and ramps. The uniqueness of the others offered this beach is the beach is not surrounded by palm trees on the beach such as general, but the beach is surrounded by pine and cypress trees. This tree adds to the coolness of the atmosphere around the beach.

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