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tourism and travel in Langsa

Langsa is one of the cities in Aceh, Indonesia. Langsa is a city that implementing Islamic Sharia law. there are several attractions in the town of Langsa can you go along with your family. No nature and historical heritage tourism. This is quite an interesting tourist spot if you are visiting the city of Langsa.

1. Forest Langsa
Forest Langsa is a potential that was missing from the initial preparation of the observations planned as a green open space facilities in Langsa, Langsa city forest located in the village of Paya Entice Seuleumak, District Langsa Baro with a total area of 10 hectares. If managed better it will be very bermamfaat for people who want to enjoy the fresh air.

2. pasir putih beaches
You can travel to the beautiful beach and have clean white sand beaches, beach location is situated in the administrative region of Aceh namely Kota Langsa. White Sand Beach attracts tourists with beach that looks spacious and Besir. The beach is also grown some mangrove trees looked beautiful and serves as a barrier from the ocean waves that cause erosion.

3. Turkish kuala Geulumpang
Turkish Kuala Geulumpang Attraction Is Bahari with panoramic beach is idyllic with clean white sand that stretches along the beach. This attraction is located in District Julok within 5 Km from the capital district of Langsa city within 80 Km. To travel to locations accessible by four-wheel vehicles and two wheels .It is suitable for weekend outings with the family.

4. Beach Kuala Parek
Kuala Parek beach-a beach is familiar again be in the region of Aceh, as well as in Langsa, one administrative town in the province of Aceh. Panorama beach that you can encounter in Langsa is equally beautiful with some other famous beaches. This makes a lot of local tourists even from abroad who come to visit this Parek Kuala Beach. Kuala Parek beach is the beach which is on a small uninhabited island, you can go around the island within 15 minutes if using a boat. The sand is very fine and clean, it is in the town of Langsa, almost the entire white sandy beaches and gentle. But, who's to say at the beach this one is no coral, no rocks rather large to small on this beach, but it did not spoil the panorama is there, even more beautify it.

5. Building a fighting Balee
This building is a colonial heritage buildings in the Netherlands during the 1920s. Gedung Juang Balee now become Bappeda Kota Langsa and also become an icon of community pride Langsa, which until now still standing strong and majestic. Juang Balee building located in the heart of Kota Langsa asitektur with typical Dutch style, reminiscent of the colonial era with resistance rakayat Aceh against the Netherlands. This building has been a cultural tourism which has a high historical value.    

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