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beatiful place : 5 most beatiful mountain in Indonesia

Republic of Indonesia, abbreviated RI or Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia which crossed the equator and located between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world comprising of 13 466 islands. Indonesia is very strategic layout flanked by two continents, Asia and Australia continent, then flanked by two oceans are the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, then Indonesia is located between two mountain ranges and the Pacific and the world that is Sirkum Sirkum Mediterranean. Therefore, Indonesia is known as a country that has many volcanoes in the world.

in this article I will discuss the beautiful mountain in Indonesia, may be a reference for your holiday in Indonesia
 5 most beatiful mountain in Indonesia

1. Mount Rinjani
In addition to a super gorgeous beaches that make people lazy to return, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara have another prima donna who make many tourists fall in love. The prima donna is Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is often referred to as the best trekking tours in Southeast Asia. If you ever see the beauty of Mount Rinjani directly with their own eyes, of course you would affirm that opinion very easily. July and August is the time when Mount Rinjani most visited by tourists. The mountaineer aims to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani in addition to enjoying the panorama, also to get a certain satisfaction because it has managed to conquer the second highest volcano in Indonesia. In addition to unparalleled scenery, Mount Rinjani also has other unique flora and fauna is diverse. When climbing Mount Rinjani, you'll see how rich Gunung Rinjani.

2. Mount Semeru
Mount Semeru is the most beautiful mountain at once the highest in Java. This mountain has become a legend for a long time. Starting from era to era Su Hok Gie climbers present as it is now. The beauty of this mountain never cracked timeless. The beauty of this mountain makes the climbers from various regions willing to come all the way. Mount Semeru is also one of the most crowded mountain. Maximum quota ascent only 500 made the climbers sometimes have to queue at Ranu Pani. Mount Semeru with peak named Mahameru very popular among the climbers. This mountain seems to be a magnet that continues to draw the attention of the climbers to come and conquer height.

3. Mount Prau
Dieng Plateau in Central Java is known to have mountain landscape is very beautiful. One of the best places that must be visited in Dieng is Mount Prau. This mountain is the highest ground in the ranks of the Dieng Plateau. From the top of the mountain we could see the view atop Mount Sindoro that looks so dashing and elegant. Mount Prau is also the best place to enjoy the view of the sunrise in Dieng besides Puncak Sikunir. Mount Prau has a peak of a very broad meadow. Around the summit we will see a line of hills that are often referred to as the Mount Teletubbies. The draw of Mount Prau is high that "only" 2,565 meters above sea level with a track climb is not too difficult so anyone can climb this mountain and enjoy the beauty of the peak.

4. Mount Merbabu
Besides Mount Prau, another mountain in Central Java, which has amazingly beautiful scenery is Merbabu. The mountain is located in the border district of Magelang, Boyolali and Semarang. Merbabu present the beauty in the form of savannas that we can enjoy from the slopes of the peak and peak. Merbabu itself has several hiking paths. However, pathways known to have the most beautiful view is the path Selo located in the district of Boyolali. Climbing Mount Merbabu via Selo we will be treated to a view of the plains that will make sense of fatigue is not so pronounced. Merbabu many dubbed the Volcano sleeping because this is Merbabu volcano but had long been dormant ever since. Merbabu has five craters that Condrodimuko craters, craters Kombang, Kendang, fiddle, and the crater Sambernyowo. There are two peaks of Mount Merbabu namely Sharif peak with a height of 3119m and Songo Kenteng peak with an altitude of 3142m.

5. Mount Bromo
The government makes Mount Bromo in East Java as one of the leading tourist destinations. Of course, this appointment caused because Mount Bromo has views that deserve to be promoted widely. Mount Bromo itself is known as one of the mountains which has very beautiful scenery sunsrise. The location is in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Sunrise at Bromo scenery more beautiful because we can see a series of mountain peaks around Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. To enjoy the view of Mount Bromo itself is usually the tourists will go to the View Point in advance, View Point is a place that used to see the sunrise and the beauty of Mount Bromo from a height. There are five places that can be used to view the mountain scenery Bromo through the top of the hill, including Pananjakan 1, Sruni Point, Bukit Cinta, Puncak Bukit KingKong and B29. but to highlight B29 place a bit away from the four view points of others, and this place is a newly developed to be used as a view point.

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