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tourism and travel in Cilacap

Cilacap Regency is one of regencies in Central Java province. The capital is Cilacap. The district borders Brebes and Banyumas regency in the north, Banyumas and Kebumen in the east, the southern Indian Ocean, and the districts of Ciamis, Banjar, and the District Pangandaran (West Java) in the west. Cilacap has the largest area in Central Java, which is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, so the charm of the beach in Cilacap very diverse. In addition Cilacap also had a blend of Sundanese culture, and West Java because it is located on the border of the two provinces. Here are some great sites to visit.

 1. The island of NusaKambangan
This island is a haven indeed inmates with large cases in Indonesia. The island is located south of Cilacap, to be able to come here Wovger use of fishing vessels from the Turtle Bay with the distance for 10 minutes. Although it is an island retreat, with a prison convict high profile shows, this island still has a tourist attraction in itself. Tourist attraction of the island is owned by, among others, the nature reserve forest, the beauty of rocks, forests, caves, castles, and beaches. Here are a fort and Fort Pendem Karang Bolong, while on the beach, there are beach Karang Pandan.

 2. Teluk Penyu Beach
teluk penyu Beach became very famous beach in Cilacap, the location is very convenient because it is located not far from downtown or precisely located in the District of South Cilacap. with panoramic ocean waves big enough, tankers and out of the Port of Tanjung Intan and traditional fishing boats passing along the Gulf Coast Turtle and tegarnya Pertamina refinery and Nusakambangan add to the beauty of the beach.

3. Kampung laut
To reach this village must pass through the Nusa Kambangan and Mangrove beforehand. The village consists of houses standing on the sea . Segara Anak Kampung Laut is a must-visit for sea food lovers. So this village turned out even become home to a lobster and crab irritated. Of course there will be a wide variety of seafood dish that is steady here. Segara Chicks environmental beauty dish with its mangrove forest which is the largest mangrove habitat in Asia is one of the tourism potential that we enjoy in this area. For those who like fishing, Kampung Laut became paradise. Various fish marine animals can be found such as grouper, prawn, eel and others.

4. Fort Pendem
Fortress Pendem in Cilacap is a legacy of the Dutch colonial period first time. In Dutch fort is often called the "Kusbatterij Op De Lantong Te Tjilatjap". The fort is located 0.5 km to the south of Heritage Turtle Bay and is located on the land area of 6.5 hectares, in the Gulf Coast region Penyu Cilacap. Pendem Castle is a defense of the army headquarters of the Dutch East Indies built in stages in 1861-1879. In the castle itself there is the tomb KH Muhammad Nursalim, which is one of the followers of Prince Diponegoro who was captured by the Dutch and taken to the Fortress, supposedly katany KH Muhammad Nursalim are those who spread the religion of Islam first in Ngawi, and has the magic power is high, that is not impervious shot, therefore, so he buried alive.

5. Karang Pandan Beach
To arrive at the Coral Beach Pandan, have to travel by foot. In this journey we will pass Benteng Karang Bolong. So we can briefly stop by see the state of this castle and enjoy the days of Dutch colonial history of Indonesia. this beach you will be greeted white sand with small and large rocks. You can only find this scene in Kebumen, precisely at the Beach Menganti.

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