Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tourism And Travel In Batam


Batam City is a city located in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. City area of Batam is located on Batam Island and the entire region surrounded by the Singapore Strait and the Strait of Malacca. Batam is a very busy little town with tourism due to strategic location. Being in the middle of the shipping lane and is close to Singapore and Malaysia is a distinct advantage for Batam. Visited by tourists from Singapore and Malaysia proved Batam is a tourist spot worth visiting. Any tourist in Batam which must be visited?

1. Beach Marina
Marina is one of the resorts in Batam most famous. Located in the western part of the island of Batam, Coastal Marina not only includes a tourist area, but also a place for the ferry docked. Nongsa Beach, better known by the name of Nongsa Tua by people around the gorgeous beaches with calm waves and white sand. Interestingly, Nongsa Beach is very close to the southern coast of Singapore, even so close it only takes half an hour to use a motor boat to go to the south coast of Singapore. Due to its proximity, at night when it is in the Nongsa Beach, you can enjoy views of Singapore's city very beautifully decorated with lights.

2. beach melur

Melur Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Batam Batam tourism had to be excellent. This beach has a broad visibility, clear waters and white sand area. The beach is not just a maritime tourist attraction that you can enjoy its beauty. However, Melur Beach also has a story that you can dig themselves out of the community directly. Vietnamese refugees formerly known as Human boat, stranded on the island of Batam later founded the village on Galang Island about 1 km from Melur Beach. Another specialty Melur Beach is gently sloping sea sand and not rocky, it allows you to swim safely up to a distance of 500 meters from the beach.

3. melayu beach

Malay beach is the beach ideal for picnics because many trees so that the atmosphere became calm. Because the waves are calm, Turkish Malay is very safe and suitable for swimming. Malay Turkish conditions have been neatly arranged as tourist attractions. This place is equipped with beautiful gardens along the beach and provided walkways for pedestrians who want to walk to enjoy the beautiful beach. In addition you can enjoy the beach breeze while kongkow in coffee shops located along the coast. White sand beach is preferred by tourists to frolic. Air sea is calm and shallow is perfect for swimming, even children.

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