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tourism and travel in Lampung


Lampung is a southernmost province in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, located in the capital Bandar Lampung. north bordering Bengkulu and South Sumatra. Various types of tourist attractions offered by the province so as to invite many tourists from outside Lampung. Any tourist in Lampung that must be visited?

1. Pasir Putih Beach
Located about 20 KM from the city of Bandar Lampung, the Pasir Putih Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Lampung least favorite because it is close to the capital, the trip only takes about 20 minutes to be able to enjoy the beach this refreshing eye. White Sand Beach in Situbondo has a unique topography with a shape that is curved towards the sea. With its curved and greenery on the edge of the forest, the beach presents a beautiful landscape. Fir tree-lined shrimp, coconut, and a row of teak trees provide cool air and peace of mind at the beach area.

2. Gulf Kiluan
Kiluan Bay is one of the tourist attractions in Lampung is most famous for the unique experience it offers. As in Lovina Beach, Bali, Kiluan Bay offers the experience of seeing dolphins live in their habitat. The thrill of seeing dolphins in the ocean is very different from when you see the dolphins that have been tamed. Happy dolphins approaching boats or ships passing in the sea. From a distance, the dolphin's fin-like antenna submarine. After the close, the dolphin was jumping, alternately dives, raised sink, hardly any distance by boat. They seemed to show ourselves to the human race and easily touched. The dolphins seemed very cute, I feel like hugging and kissing them.

 3. Kubur Island

Island tomb itself is actually a coral island. Where the terrain of the island is surrounded by coral great ocean. Grave Island is a paradise for lovers of fishing activities. According to the locals, this island is called Grave Island because the island was once used for sowing ashes. The main attraction of the island is its natural scenery graves are still very natural, thus making the searcher can feel the gentle wind, a comfortable atmosphere and also the number of fish that are scattered around the island's coast. Additionally lush trees that were in the hill add coolness when traveling on the island.

4. Mount Krakatau
Mount Krakatau course everyone had heard it. Located in the Sunda Strait, Mount Krakatau in Lampung is a tourist place that offers not only tours of the mountains, but also marine tourism. Mount Krakatau yore had erupted in 1883. The activities that must be tested while visiting Mount Anak Krakatau is enjoying the beauty of the underwater around Krakatau area with snorkeling. To do snorkeling, do not forget to wear a protective form of sunblock, life jacket, google mask, snorkel (breathing apparatus in the water), and frog legs. Such tools can you rent in Sebesi Island, the nearest inhabited island of Mount Anak Krakatau. The best spot to snorkel around Mount Anak Krakatau is at Lagoon Cabe, which has a very beautiful underwater scenery.

5. Tanjung Setia Beach
Tanjung Setia Beach is a nice alternative for surfing lovers who are bored of surfing on the beach Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java. Located on the west side of Lampung, Tanjung Setia Beach has one of the best waves in the world ombaknyamencapai 7 meters, according to the surfers who have tried the challenge of surfing at Tanjung Setia Beach. In addition to its natural keindahaan Krui also have the natural resources of the forest, where many and various kinds of agricultural products like coffee, pepper, and vanilla and other natural materials. Even in this place anyway, also provided a variety of handicrafts typical of Lampung is indeed a craft center Trappist fabric or cloth typical of Lampung.

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