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Tourism And Travel In Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung (Babel abbreviated) is a province in Indonesia, which consists of two major islands, the island of Bangka and Belitung islands and islets. Bangka Belitung is located in the eastern part of the island of Sumatra, close to the South Sumatra province. Bangka Belitung is known as the producer of tin, has a beautiful beach and inter-ethnic harmony. The beauty of the tourist attractions in Bangka Belitung lies in baharinya tourist charm that captivates. has many beaches are magnificent with the characteristics of a typical granite rocks and surface sloping beach.

1. Mount Menumbing
Located in Mentor area in the northwest of the island of Bangka, Mount Menumbing has a height of about 355 meters above sea level. At Mount Menumbing, too, is a place of exile Bung Karno and Bung Hatta by the Dutch in 1948-1949 on the island of Bangka. Menumbing mountain has a height of about 355 meters above sea level. At Mount Menumbing, too, is a place of exile Bung Karno and Bung Hatta by the Dutch in 1948-1949 on the island of Bangka. And there is a guesthouse that is still well up to now as the place where the exiled proclaimed Republic of Indonesia.

2. Parai Tenggiri
Located about 40 km from the provincial capital of Bangka Belitung, Pangkalpinang, Parai mackerel are the most beautiful beaches in Bangka Belitung with character gentle waves and a sloping surface. Bangka beaches this one has a panoramic view of the exotic with a stretch of granite typical. As with other Bangka beaches, beach Parai mackerel also have a large granite rocks in a variety of unique shapes and numerous. Besides the beauty of the sea is green and the cleanliness of the beaches, this beach has its own charm. The rocks are strewn along the beach with a variety of shapes and sizes add value to the beauty of mackerel Parai Beach.


3. Island Memperak
This is the beauty of tourist attractions in Belitung unknown to many tourists, but is known for its alluring charm. Memperak island located in East Belitung, presenting your turquoise sea water and clean. Underwater natural beauty of the island is one thing you should not miss. This is why this Memperak Island is one of the snorkel in Bangka Belitung charming. Coral reef is like a flower garden that is surrounded by small fish that swim here and there. If lucky, on the island of Memperak can find turtles climbed ashore to lay eggs that typically occurs during the dry season.

4. Rat Beach
Rat beach is a beach on the island of Bangka are still quite naturally, quite awake from interference human hands. Panorama beautiful beach is manifested through a steep hill with a stretch of granite rocks and blue sea water. At the top of the hill, you will witness the presence of a temple of worship that stands quite magnificent with a beautiful view. Shrine or temple is round, became a hallmark in Rat Beach. Rat beach is the only area of the beach is in the town of Sungai Liat is adjacent to a steep hill, still virgin, and very white sand and blue sea surrounding exotic granite boulders. Everything is unique charms that adorn the beach area.

5. Beach Penyusuk
This is one beautiful pearl of the various tourist attractions Bangka Belitung charming. Penyusuk located in the Pacific coast of the north, has a beautiful beach panorama. You will find a pile of granite that seemed to form a niche in this beach. Coupled with pepohanan green that grows in coastal areas as well as the existence of four islands are lined lovely. Entering the beach area awl from a distance had seen the expanse of blue sea, between the palm trees and weeds that grow wild in a sloping field that separates between the road to the beach Awl.


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