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tourism and travel in Sukabumi


   Sukabumi city, is a city in West Java Province, Indonesia. Sukabumi city is a city with the smallest area in West Java. Sukabumi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Java. Because of its location which is only about 120 km from Jakarta, and about 100 km from Bandung, Sukabumi much visited by people around Jakarta and Bandung, especially on holidays and weekends. There are so many tourist attractions in Sukabumi, especially in the form of nature. Any tourist in Sukabumi which must be visited?

1. Turkish Cibangban
Located about 10 KM from Pelabuhan Ratu, Turkish Cibangban is a clean beach and have the characteristics of the waves are quieter when compared to Pelabuhan Ratu beach. To reach the beach Cibangban, you must take the road that leads to Cisolok. Travel time from Pelabuhan Ratu approximately 1 hour. Besides the beach is also located about 10 km from Inna Samudra Beach Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java. here too there are many collectors and craftsmen stone commonly in use as an ornamental stone.

2. Ujung Genteng Beach
Ujung Genteng Beach  are a beautiful beach which also has a green turtle breeding. Ujung Genteng Beach  offers harmony with nature so that it can treat all the fatigue of everyday that have accumulated in your head. Beaches are still clean and naturally has its own charm to visit. In some parts of the coast there are suitable areas to play or just soak in the sea. There are also legacy dock dutch if observed are quite old age, and now it just stayed the rest of their remnants. Historically communities are less know clearly.

3. Situ Gunung
Situ Gunung is a lake located in the district of Kadu Dampit, Mumbai. Located at the foot of Mount Kenya, approximately 16 KM from Mumbai, Lake Mountain is a very beautiful lake and green. Indeed, Lake Mountain Lake is still surrounded by a dense pine forest. So it will make the surrounding scenery is so green. In addition, with many trees here make the air always feels fresh and very cool. Unlike far when compared with urban air is warm and of course full of pollution. Even if you like outdoor activities or outdoor activities like camping, you can also camping or camping at Situ Gunung.


4. Village Ciptagelar
Ciptagelar village located in the district Cisolok, Sukabumi. Ciptagelar village is a village that is about 650 years old with traditional hereditary so a visit to Kampung Ciptagelar will be a unique experience and unforgettable. The village has a characteristic shape and location of the home and the tradition is still held firmly and run by the local community. There you can find megalithic sites, stone jolang (baths), flat bark, large pillars, cungkuk, stone seats and stone tissue (the calculation date / astronomy).


5. Kawah Ratu
Located on the slopes of Mount Salak, Kawah Ratu is an active crater steaming hot. Kawah Ratu is a favorite place for nature lovers because in order to reach the crater Queen, you have to travel a hike through the trail for approximately 3 hours. Kawah Ratu very active emit sulfur gases, and is recommended for no more than 3 minutes of being there. The risk is that visitors will be sulfur gas poisoning, which can lead to death. Visits should be morning, afternoon getting stronger as more and sulfur fumes.

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