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tourism and travel in Lombok

Lombok in many ways similar to Bali, and in the decade of the 1990s began to be known by foreign tourists. But with the advent of the financial crisis that hit Indonesia in late 1997 and other crises that accompany it, the tourism potential rather been displaced. Then in early 2000 riots inter-ethnic and inter-religious throughout Lombok, causing massive displacement of minorities. They mainly fled to the island of Bali. But after some time later the situation has become conducive and they're back. In 2007, the tourism sector is the only sector in Lombok growing.

1.mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok are officially defined its status as a national park, which is a protected ecosystem Indonesian government with the character of mountainous rain forest and savanna. Mount Rinjani has the most beautiful natural scenery when compared to other mountain in Indonesia, even beauty touted as the most beautiful not only in Indonesia, but also in Asia. Because here's the beautiful natural scenery of Mount Rinjani favorite mountain climbers who usually are students, nature lovers, locals, to foreign tourists. July and August is the time when Mount Rinjani most visited by tourists. The aim of this mountain climbers to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani in addition to enjoying the panorama, also to get a certain satisfaction because it has managed to conquer the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

2. Tanjung Aan

To arrive at Tanjung Aan Beach, you will need a travel time of about 1.5 hours drive from the city of Mataram. Clean white sand and the water is blue and crystal clear sea is one of the characteristics in Lombok's tourist attractions. Geographically, the position of Pantai Tanjung Aan near Kuta BeachLombok. The trip to Tanjung Aan from Mataram will run smoothly because the paved road and will seamlessly take you quickly to your destination. Pantai Tanjung Aan is very appropriate for those who like air-snorkling and swimming. Because the waves are fairly quiet with relatively shallow depths. If you forgot to bring your equipment, snorkeling equipment rental are available on the beach. By late afternoon sea levels will begin to rise, makes Pantai Tanjung Aan is a great place to surf.

3. Cape Bloam
Lombok tourist attractions this one is less widely known by many tourists. In addition, the access road to Tanjung Bloam also not so good. The road to this place is still not paved, well you will often get a barren scenery along the way to Cape Bloam. Cape is located in the southern part of Lombok, administratively included in the district of West Lombok. Route to Cape Bloam if taken from Mataram City will take about 2.5 hours. Tanjung Bloam strength is a beautiful beach panorama which is also the main potential possessed one of Lombok's beaches. The appeal further highlight of this beach panorama rock rocks were so amazing as an accomplished painter paintings are priceless. Two pieces of sandstone rock cliffs that flank the Cape Bloam is indeed very exotic, on the north side will look a cliff-shaped buns, and on the right side you will see an irregular rock cliff that juts into the shores. Rocks on a cliff color golden yellow with shades of black, irregular pattern makes it look so contract and the basic colors of blue beach.

4. Pura Batu Bolong
Pura Batu Bolong is located in the area of ​​Senggigi, Lombok. Pura Batu Bolong is on a black rock that juts into the sea. In the middle of this rock there is a hole, so this temple called Pura Batu Bolong. This place gives the sensation of Lombok travel very natural and different from other tourist spots in Indonesia. Besides being bolongannya or hole, is known to have a very beautiful scenery. If the weather is sunny, you can see Mount Agung, located on the island of Bali. The waves that hit the rocks also produce sounds of the waves were very reassuring. Because the place is situated near the sea, this place gives a very beautiful scenery especially sunsetnya scenery was amazing. Especially when the sun began to sink behind the mountains Supreme increasingly made more stunning scenery. You can enjoy the sunset or sunset events were very beautiful.

5. Narmada Park
Narmada Park is located in the village of Lembuak, approximately 10 Kilometers east of the city of Mataram. An area of approximately 2 hectares was built by King Mataram Lombok in 1727. Previously, the park was used as a resting place and place of the ceremony, the park now has been converted into a tourist spot. Taman Narmada, Lombok is not just an eye-catching garden, but Narmada Park also has various facilities that we can use to have fun - fun. The facility includes a pool and garden facilities. Amusement Park Narmada can be used to sit - sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of the Narmada Park. In addition, the existing pool in Taman Narmada is also very quiet, surrounded by flowers - a beautiful flower that looks so beautiful and reconcile.

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