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tourism and travel in Yogyakarta


A number of existing tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is a favorite destination on the list of tourist attractions in Indonesia, known among domestic to foreign tourists. Yogyakarta is a tourist area with a variety of unique and fascinating cultural wealth. In addition, the territory ruled by a sultan also has a natural beauty that is eye-catching and unique local community life.
In Yogyakarta, we can find two landmarks that have been declared by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, namely Borobudur and Prambanan. Borobudur is one of the wonders of the world. While Prambanan is the grandest Hindu temple in Indonesia, and is the largest in Southeast Asia as well. Not least is when you explore the natural beauty of Gunung travel to Kaliurang tourist charm at the foot of Mount Merapi that gorgeous.
The charm of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta We can even meet with the experience of shopping and tasting various alluring Jogja culinary variety. Buy some souvenirs typical of Jogja is one activity that is prevalent tourists who never set foot in the city which is also known as The Student City.

Places in Yogyakarta

Here are a number of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta's most famous and is Yogyakarta interesting tourist destinations to visit.

1. Prambanan temple Travel
Prambanan It is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, has a height of 47 meters and has been declared as one of the world cultural heritage in 1991 by UNESCO. This is also the most magnificent Hindu temple in Indonesia. Prambanan temple is located on the border between the two provinces of Yogyakarta and Central Java. This attraction has a panoramic nan Jogja alluring, exotic actually at dusk when the sun shining on the temple with a stunning gradation. Up close, one can view the architecture and design of the temple is so beautiful.


2.Parangtritis beach Travel
Parangtritis Located 28 km from the center of the city of Yogyakarta, Parangtritis is a beach in Yogyakarta with waves big enough, has a towering rock cliffs and volcanic sand berhampar black sheen when exposed to sunlight. The thunder of the waves and the cool coastal air is the allure that is in the sights of Yogyakarta on this one. Some of the lush green hills are a treat panorma which adds to the allure of the beach Parangtritis. If you like, you can go to Parangwedang, a point of hot springs in Jogja and you can soak the body to get the freshness. In addition, recreational huts that line the edge of the beach is an interesting experience when enjoying the beach tourism in Yogyakarta on this one.


3. Plaosan Travel

Plaosan is located close to Prambanan temple, this temple has a unique charm among a number of attractions temples in Yogyakarta. Plaosan was built by Panangkaran, one of the kings of the Sailendra dynasty, who also founded the Borobudur and Sewu. This temple is also called the twin temples, is divided into two parts, namely Plaosan temple and temple Lor. The layout of both to each other, only about 100 meters. From the style of the temple, it is known that the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta this one is a blend of the two cultures, namely Hinduism and Buddhism.


4. Baron Beach Travel
Baron Beach is about 65 km from Yogyakarta city center has the charm of the beautiful panorama and is a place for those who want to eat a variety of seafood dishes. Baron Beach is actually a bay with the existence of two hills that flank the left and right. Attraction allure Jogja beach this one is at sea were delicious culinary offerings. we can taste the lobster, snapper, white pomfret, until the cob. Baron Beach is also a dock for fishermen, you will find the fish auction in this coastal region.

5. Malioboro Travel
This is the way in Yogyakarta, which became one of the favorites of the audience of the trip to spend time in Yogyakarta. Along Malioboro street, you can shop as much and get one of the unique items typical of Yogyakarta. If you like, you can even down shops that are on the market Beringharjo during the day. Malioboro area it is one shopping destination famous Yogyakarta, Malioboro road was originally used as the ceremonial and forming a straight line if it is pulled from the Sultan Palace to Mount Merapi. In Malioboro, you can even enjoy the culinary offerings or eating a meal in Lesbian. In the evenings, culinary angkringan Yogyakarta you can enjoy in this region. Malioboro is a favorite destination in Jogja, even just to sit back and relax in front of the Monument attack March 11, you can enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of Malioboro.


6. Kaliurang resort
Kaliurang resort is one of the sites that offer views of the greens were very captivate, where the air was so very cool, not far from the city center. Kaliurang resort that is the best to travel satunyatempat can be visited to simply escape the hustle of urban atmosphere and a variety of activities that you are busily engaged every day. Kaliurang resort is one of the sites that offer views of the greens were very captivate, where the air was so very cool, not far from the city center. Kaliurang resort that is the best to travel satunyatempat can be visited to simply escape the hustle of urban atmosphere and a variety of activities that you are busily engaged every day. An attraction which offers incredible views breathtaking, combined with a waterfall Telogo muncar very pretty, will make your vacation more fun and more fun. Demikan reviews Kaliurang tourist resort in the city of Yogyakarta.


7. Keraton Yogyakarta
Sultan Palace is the official palace of Yogyakarta Sultanate, located in the heart of Yogyakarta. Although the empire has formally joined the Homeland in 1950, but this palace complex still serves as the residence of the sultan and his court of households who are still running the empire tradition until today. Kraton is now also one of the favorite tourist attraction most visited in the city of Yogyakarta. Take a stroll around the castle and explore every little detail in the royal complex is the best way to enjoy one of the tourist attractions in Jogja. One of the most impressive buildings in Yogyakarta Palace is Ward Kencono, namely a "gold inlay pavilion". This magnificent building is an example of Javanese art which reflect the diversity of religion and culture of the area. You will not find any military guards at the palace complex is because it is believed palace area protected by the power of spirits.


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