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tourism and travel in Aceh

Aceh is a province in Indonesia. Aceh lies at the northern tip of Sumatra island and is the most western province in Indonesia. Its capital is Banda Aceh. The population of this province of about 4.5 million inhabitants. It was located near the Andaman and Nicobar islands in India and separated by the Andaman Sea. Aceh is bordered by the Bay of Bengal in the north, the Indian Ocean to the west, the Strait of Malacca in the east, and North Sumatra in the southeast and south. This province has outstanding natural beauty, ranging from the coast to the mountains. After the damage caused by the tsunami in 2004 in most of the region including resort, Aceh back up and organize the tourism sector well.
1. Masjid Raya Baiturrahman
The mosque was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda in 1612 has become an icon of Aceh. The main building of the mosque is white with large black dome surrounded by seven towers. Grand impression more so with their large pool and fountain in front of the mosque that is reminiscent of the Taj Mahal in India. This mosque is a silent witness to the history of Aceh, which is located in the center of Banda Aceh and is the pride of the people of Aceh. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is a religious symbol, courage and nationalism of Aceh people.

2. Air Terjun Blang Kolam
The natural attractions of this one to be missed. Niagara is located in the village of Blang pool Sidomulyo, Aceh Utara and can be reached within 30 minutes from Lhokseumawe. If you want a different experience, try to come to bring your camping perlengakapan. Air tejun Blang Kolam has a height of about 75 meters. This beautiful waterfall, looks beautiful because of its location which is still under shady trees and has a natural forest atmosphere. Not to mention when the way to the waterfall, you will be treated to the sights and atmosphere of rural soothing eye.

3. Niagara Suhom
Niagara is located in the village of Suhom, Lhoong sub-district, Aceh Besar. To reach these places, you have to pass through the streets heaving with mountain views Paro and Kulu. On the way, do not be surprised to see a lot of monkeys hanging around in the street. These monkeys usually request fruit or other snacks on the road passing by. The position of this waterfall is in the middle of beautiful natural scenery and natural. In the vicinity there are many durian trees, so that the durian season many are selling durian around the waterfall. In addition, around the waterfall there is also a location that can be used for camping (camping). 50-meter high waterfall is divided into three levels, but you are not allowed to rise to the level two and three for safety reasons because of their high voltage power station.

4. Lampuuk Beach
Acehnese people need not feel jealous of Bali which has many beautiful beaches in Aceh because there are also many beaches with stunning scenery. One of the attractions is the beach which can be relied Lampuuk Beach. This beach is also known as Kuta Beach in Aceh. Lampuuk beach has a coastline of 5 km from south to north with soft white sand and cliffs at the end of the beach. Many of the activities you can do at this beach from surfing, sunbathing, swimming and also play banana boat. Another activity that can be done when visiting this beach is visited turtle conservation. Located in Babah Dua, turtle conservation can become a vehicle for educating children about environmental conservation.

5. Beach Lhoknga
Lhoknga beach is not far from the beach Lampuuk. This tourist spot is about 20 km from Banda Aceh. Here, you can relax under the shady trees or playing beach volleyball in the sand wide and sloping. Attractions are well known in Aceh was a treat combination of the beauty of the beach, the sea and the mountains asrinya lime green stretches. A combination rarely found in other places. For lovers of surfing area this tour is perfect for you.

6. Rubiah Island
Rubiah in Sabang Island, precisely in the northwest of the island of Weh. Rubiah name itself is taken from the name written on a tombstone in the island. The island is perfect for the traveler who enjoys snorkeling, diving or touring by boat glass (glass bottom boat) because in this island there are many kinds of coral reefs are very colorful and a wide variety of forms. Surely corals that form a very interesting group of these would spoil the eyes of lovers of nautical tourism. Not only coral reefs that adorn this marine park, a variety of tropical fish species such as gigantic clams, angel fish, school of parrot fish, lion fish and many others add keeksotikan of underwater park here.

7. Kuala Merisi
Kuala Merisi is the perfect place to enjoy the beach with a quiet and calm atmosphere. Tourist attractions in Ketapang village, Krueng Sabee Sub-district, it has a long coastline with small waves suitable for splashing over the edge. The beach is located in Ketapang, Krueng Sabee Sub-district is also a tourist spot most frequented beaches, beach Kuala Merisi because it has a very beautiful scenery and white sand is very clean on the shoreline.

8. Pantan terong
Pantan terong is a hill that is used to see the beauty of Central Aceh from above. This tourist spot is located at an altitude of 1830 meters above sea level. Do not forget to bring a jacket and a sweater because the air is quite cold. Pantan of eggplant you can see Lake Laut Tawar that resemble a giant cauldron. Here, you can also enjoy views of the sunrise and the sunset was gorgeous. So, prepare your camera and capture the moment.

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