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tourism and travel in Tapanuli Selatan    

SouthTapanuli District is a district in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Capital is Sipirok. This district was originally a very large district and its capital in Mulberry. The areas that have been separated from South Tapanuli is Mandailing Natal, City of Mulberry, Padang Padang Lawas Lawas North and South. After the expansion, the district capital moved to Sipirok. Attraction type that are often found in this area is a nature and religion. Accessibility to this place to use transport from Medan in the form of land and air. Landline takes 8-12 hours, and air jakur takes approximately one hour from Medan.

1.Danau Siais
Siais lake located in the village Rianiate Angkola District of West County South Tapanuli ± 63 km from Kota Padangsidimpuan through Batang Toru and ± 45km through Simarpinggan District of South Angkola and ± 57km if through Sibolga. This lake has an area of ​​998 hectares, surrounded by Tropical Rain forest covering an area of ​​± 1,500 hectares rich in flora and fauna quite diverse, and the lake is also the second largest lake
in North Sumatra after Lake Toba. Siais lake has a very beautiful natural charm because surrounded by hills especially around the lake is natural and not a lot of settlements. The lake serves as a means of transportation of citizens. On the way to the lake can be enjoyed Attraction Siais sacred fish (fish jurung) the local language "fish mera" when passing lane Padangsidimpuan-Batangtoru, but if passing lane Padangsidimpuan-Simarpinggan we can enjoy the attractions Niagara Napa. Fish shrine in the village of Rianiate a fish sacred that has been decades there in a small stream that will flow into the lake Siais, these fish are sacred by a Syikh who live in the village Rianiate and to build a mosque in the village, just behind the mosque have thousands jurung sacred fish.

2. Lake Marsabut
Marsabut lake located in District Sipirok Tapanuli South Lake is teletak in the highlands that have air that very cool and supposedly the story of this lake used to be only a few plots
rice fields owned by the University of North Sumatra. This lake is unique because of the location of the lake is located in the middle of the forest Sipirok.

3. Tor Simago-mago
Beautiful panorama can be seen from the top of Tor Simago-mago, beauty nature with stretches of rice fields and vast stretches of forest below, keasriannya and the cool air to make visitors feel at home in Tor-mago Simago them. Tor-mago Simago a natural tourist attraction hills where we could be looking at the beautiful scenery from the top Simago Sipirok-mago. The word "si-mago-mago" is derived from the Batak language means "man-gone-missing" according to legend why this name pinned to the hill / tor this one since time immemorial there are young and mudi dating at this hill and then just disappeared , believe it or not that's the story

4. tor sibohi
Tor sibohi whose existence is still around Aek Milas Sosopan and Tor-mago Simago to Sipirok, is also a tourist destination pattut visit. Hotel Tor Sibohi. Hotel Tor Sibohi is one of the hotels in South Tapanuli district and within walking distance of attractions Simago hill-mago. The hotel was founded by the late. Raja Inal Siregar during he served as governor of North Sumatra. The tourists who want to visit Sipirok, especially foreign tourists usually stay at this hotel.

5. Benteng Huraba
Huraba fort is one proof of heritage that still exist in the district. South Tapanuli is located in the district. Angkola rod. Historical heritage in the form of a fortress, cannon and tools and weapons used during achieve independence or even before independence. Huraba fortress is evidence of the history of Indonesia, which is still persist where this fortress of yore is a defense of the people against the second Dutch military aggression.

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