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tourism and travel in medan, North Sumatra

Tourist attractions in Medan become a magnet for domestic and foreign travelers. Medan is the capital of North Sumatra are often known to the public with Bataknya tribe. If we see the field as a whole, then we will find a stretch of very beautiful natural charm of light that glowed over Lake Toba to crowd the trees that blanketed Bukit Lawang. Everything is a special characteristic attractions in Medan, namely: the natural universe's most famous western Indonesia. In the perspective of cultural, tourist favored by audiences other than nature is cultural tourism. Because, in the area which is enriched by the Batak tribe have been known to give birth to the famous and traditional performing oral and performances. Therefore, this article I will try as much as possible to conceive and deliver information of tourist attractions in Medan to the fullest.

Tourist Attractions In Medan, North Sumatra


1. Lake Toba Tourist attractions in Medan-based Panorama Nature
Who does not know the tourist attractions in Medan this one called Lake Toba? This place became an important icon of North Sumatra in the middle of the flow of world tourism is being intensively. Initially, Lake Toba was formed because the process volcanologist who reputedly the widest and largest in the world. Natural beauty of Lake Toba is very beautiful and amazing. With the atmosphere is very cool because the wind is gentle or mild, Lake Toba giving spirit at the same spirit of livelihood for local communities affected blessings. The presence in the middle of Lake Toba Batak people, it provides employment is quite promising. Many working land that is built for tourist attraction on Lake Toba: even, culinary attractions in Medan can be found on the shores of Lake Toba.

    2. Two Colors Sibolangit Places in Medan with Gurgling Waterfalls

Still in nature-based tourist attractions in Medan. We can do a safari to the attraction Waterfall Two Colors Sibolangit serving gurgling waterfall wonderful. Just spent two hours from the city of Medan, we can get natural area Sibolangit. On the other hand, trees that thickened around waterfalls make mountain atmosphere was so cool at the same time full of natural scenery. There were so beautiful and unique there. If we look keenly, the dominant color in the waterfall consists of two colors namely: warm water with white and blue with the cold water. If we are interested to come here with your family, then you begin to list of tourist attractions in Medan (waterfalls) is fine.


3. Samosir Island Tourist Attractions in Medan A Very Beautiful

Tourist attractions in Medan were actually within the vicinity of Lake Toba is the island of Samosir. According to reports from local residents, Samosir island that is the attractive icons in the world of tourism in North Sumatra (tourist spots in the terrain and its surroundings). Geographically, the island has a height of a thousand meters above sea level the area is still pure natural. If we are to set the destination to the island of Samosir, then we will gain additional knowledge about the history of Batak. That said, on this island, we can study or do research in culture and tradition of Batak.

4. Places in Medan Sibayak Nuance Mountains

If we see or think of mountains, what we feel? Is it beautiful? Reconciled? strong are? Or is there something else? Similarly, the tourist spot called Mount Sibayak. This mountain is one of the most active volcanoes in Sumatra. If we will visit this mountain then we have to go to Tanah Karo or the popular term meaning "Mountain King". This place is perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful travel and be able to see the sunrise with a clear and bright. Near the mountain, there are places to eat in Medan.

5. Sipiso-Piso village Tongging The appeal of the tourist attractions in Medan this one form

Sipiso-Piso Tongging is so incredible. In general, the higher this waterfall is one hundred and twenty meters were very close to Mount Sipiso-Piso. Through this waterfall (if we ride over the hill), so we were able to see Lake Toba from there. A place where nature in Medan is also very suitable to be the object of a photographer to capture photographs of natural well. With its natural scenery was incredible, Sipiso-Piso be the best recommendation to try a natural place.

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