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tourism and travel in Sulawesi

tourism and traveling in Sulawesi

The island of Sulawesi is an island close to the island of Borneo and the Maluku Islands, are not much different from Kalimantan in terms of population, on the island of Sulawesi, the population is also still relatively small when compared with Java or Sumatra island, inhabitants of the island of Sulawesi is Bugis more dominant in Sulawesi, Bugis can be found everywhere in the island of Sulawesi. If you love nature, then the island is ideal for your visit. Not only nature is there in Sulawesi but also travel a lot but it seems like nature is common. Want to know what's in Sulawesi travel? The following list of interesting sights that can be used as your destination while in Sulawesi.

1. Bunaken Island Tourism

Tourism is one this is Must visit if traveling to Indonesia. Less taste if it is in Manado, North Sulawesi, do not visit the island of Bunaken. Bunaken island has an area of ​​8.08 km² and is located in the bay of Manado. The beauty of Bunaken marine park is no doubt, many tourists who visit the island of Bunaken were fascinated by the beauty of Bunaken marine park. If you are from Manado, the time required to reach the island is about 30 minutes by fast boat (speed boat). Bunaken marine park also has about a 20 point dive to different depths up to 1344 meters. The dives of 20 points, 12 points of which there are around Bunaken Island. The beauty of coral reefs and underwater paradise in Bunaken Manado is the comparative advantage of the most alluring of a number of diving spots in the world. Travel Manado Bunaken is one of the best in Indonesia. Coral reefs have a place to live 2,000 species of fish and diverse marine life. Common fish species are wrase, dansel, trigger, sweetlip, unicorns, and so forth. The unique character Bunaken Marine Park is the depth of the sea that reach up to 1000 m.


2. Siladen Island Tourism

Siladen Island is situated in the northeast of the island of Bunaken and has an area of 31.25 hectares. The island is surrounded by white sand beaches and in the sea many reefs with marine life that a variety of forms and colors that form a beautiful sea plants. Activities that you can do on this island is toured by boat filled (catamarans), snorkeling, diving, and underwater photography (underwater photographs) and of course sunbathing on the beach with a stretch of white sand. Siladen Island is known as a quiet tourist island. Siladan Island travel options will be appropriate for those who want to alienate a moment of fatigue and bustle of the city. If in Bunaken is famous for the beauty of the sea, the island of Siladen further highlight the beauty of the coastline. Did you know that the tourists prefer to sunbathe on this beach.

3. Tourism Lake Linow

Not many people know of the existence of this place, but Linow lake is the interesting sights in North Sulawesi. When traveling from Manado takes about 50 minutes to reach this place. What's interesting about this is the Linow lake water color change frequently. In the area around Lake Linow smell of sulfur is strong enough. There is also found some hot water baths. Allegedly, the source of sulfur and hot springs are associated with the Mount Lokon is still active. Mountains are seen dashing winsome from the center of Tomohon last erupted in September 2013. beautiful view on the lake surrounded by hills immediately entertain the visitor's eye. Not to mention the cool air that surrounds the lake, with air temperatures of 18-20 degrees Celsius, making the atmosphere more comfortable and fresh.

4. Island Tourism Lihaga
Lihaga Island is a small uninhabited island, this island is in Likupang North Minahasa regency. Lihaga Island is one of the sites that offer the panoramic beauty with fine white sand and the sea water is so clear. To reach it takes 2 hours drive from the city of Manado up at the nearest port, and the journey can continue to use the rental boats, which will take about 45 minutes. In this place, you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater snorkeling. Underwater scenery around the island Lihaga no less beautiful with the Bunaken Marine Park is famous. Although the island is not inhabited, but you do not have to worry Kareni this island has provided toilets and changing rooms. In fact, the island has had a building of wood large enough. You can also stay on the island without worrying Lihaga free of charge anymore. But of course you have to provide the equipment (tents) alone because this place does not exist that provide tents. In addition, if you are planning a visit to the island Lihaga, do not forget to buy food and drinks in advance for Island Lihaga not available stalls selling food.

5. Travel Tangkoko National Park
Tangkoko National Park is included which is a habitat conservation area some unique wildlife of North Sulawesi province are difficult to find in some other areas, such as the black monkey (Macaca niagra), tarsier (world's smallest primate) and hornbills. This national park is located in Batu Putih Utara Bitung, North Sulawesi. Distance location about 60 km from Manado and also about 20 km from the city of Bitung. Besides Tarsier Tangkoko National Park is also the residence of the animal that is typical of other North Sulawesi Yaki (Macaca nigra) or typical Sulawesi crested monkey. Black feathers, as well as the entire body is covered with hair except black face and buttocks cute pink be the main attraction for the tourists who come to visit this place. Not only because of the existence Yaki and tarsiers just so Tangkoko National Park is often used as a research location. Tangkoko National Park has been since time immemorial attracted scientists for a visit to this place.


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