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tourism and travel in Bogor

Kota Bogor is a city in West Java Province, Indonesia. It is located 59 km south of Jakarta, and its area is in the middle of Bogor Regency. Bogor city known as the City of Rain not without cause. Compared to other cities in Indonesia, Bogor city does have a very high rainfall. Rainfall is fairly high is what probably makes the air in the city of Bogor very cool and suitable as a tourist destination. Do not worry about accommodation and transportation in Bogor. There are many hotels in Bogor and various other lodgings which can be selected according to your wishes. The condition is fairly good transportation are other positive things that allow you can arrive at various tourist destinations are easily Bogor.

1. Bogor Botanical Gardens

If you are looking for nature in Bogor, the first thing we recommend is the Bogor Botanical Gardens. In Indonesia alone, there are two types of popular botanical garden is the Garden and Purwodadi, East Java. Bogor Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden (plants) of which is located in the city of Bogor in West Java. The wide reach of 87 hectares and has around 15,000 species of trees and plant collections. The area is spacious enough to make the visitors feel tired. If you are tired, you can rest in a chair that has been provided by the manager while enjoying a drink or food supplies that you bring from home and enjoy the beauty of lotus flowers decorated the pool or beautiful fountains.

2. Situ Gede
Situ Gede is a natural tourist destination most famous in Bogor, Bogor evidenced by the many residents who like to come here to fish. Besides fishing, you can also try a paddle boat and enjoy the cool forest air. Bogor travel indeed presents a lot of cool natural atmosphere, but for those of you who are bored traveled toward the summit would not hurt to try it traveled to the lake this big. It also provides the manager of the duck-Bebekan boat and paddle boats that you can rent for surround danau.selain beautiful region, this place is also adjacent to institute forestry research centers are still undeniably rural landscapes.

3. Mount Pancar
Want to do a picnic with the family? Mount Pancar is the right answer. Here, you can picnic and also do activities such as camping, biking, hiking to horseback riding. At Mount Pancar, there are many different types of plants, such as pine, Rasamala, Puspa, Rattan, Jamuju, saninten, and much more. Nature in Bogor district also has a number of free-living animals. As one of the natural tourist destinations in Bogor, Mount Pancar present in your typical natural scenery protected forest with a charming tree-lined pines and various other trees. Additionally, your ears will often hear the voices of animals that live freely in the region.

4. Air Terjun Bidadari
Waterfall with a height of 75 meters has water sources from protected forests that surround the area. Overflow of water from the waterfall is then used as a bathing pool, such as Wave pool, lazy river, and also Lazy Pool made for children. This area is always crowded with tourists especially at holiday time. The large pool in the exterior of a giant rock is designed as an alternative for visitors who want to play water. Small pool beneath Angel Falls often murky, especially in the rainy season. When poured into a large pool Angel Falls, the water becomes more transparent because the soil in the water will settle in the sand at the bottom of the pool that was imported specially from Bangka Island

5. Telaga Warna

Want to travel to a quiet place? Lake colors can be alternatf your vacation. It is located in the Peak area or rather in Tugu village, Cisarua subdistrict. Telaga Warna has a very calm water, surrounded by trees and the cool air. If you want to enjoy a view of the lake from a height, you can try to ride the flying fox that has been provided there. One of the unique lake Telaga Warna so as to invite many tourists both from home and abroad is the water that can change the color. Some of the results of studies that have been done stating that there are seven colors water lake color. The reflection of the various colors of trees around the lake became one of the factors causing the color change.

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