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tourism and travel in Subang

Subang is a district in West Java province, Indonesia. The capital is Subang. The district borders the Java Sea in the north, Indramayu regency in the east, Sumedang district in the southeast, West Bandung Regency in the south, and Purwakarta and Karawang regency in the west. Subang has several tourist attractions that you can visit, one of the areas in West Java, this could be a very pleasant holiday destination for your holiday with family or relatives. You can be traveled in Subang to Ciater Hot Spring, several waterfalls in Subang and also the beach, following in Subang tourist attractions that can be visited.

1. Ciater Hot Springs
Abroad, a hot water bath is one of the favorite locations to spend a day off once a week to work late. With a soak in the hot water bath, the body feels tired could be more fresh. Ciater Hot Springs may already be familiar to you, Ciater Hot Springs is a tourist spot in Subang very popular, here you can enjoy the hot springs originating from the active crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is located not far from the baths sari ater this , The hot spring is located at the Subang Ciater Village, District Ciater, Subang regency.

2. Tangkuban Perahu
Tangkuban Perahu is a very popular tourist spot in West Java, this attraction is located in the southern region of Subang district and north of Bandung, when seen from the city of Bandung This mountain has a unique shape resembles the shape of an upturned boat. Here you can enjoy the natural scenery of the crater and also typical of the cool air of the mountains. Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a height of 2,084 above sea level, or about 6,873 feet. The temperature in this mountain was 17 degrees Celsius during the day and can reach 2 degrees Celsius at night. Because of the cold temperature, during a visit to these attractions do not forget to bring your sweater and jacket.

3. Limestone
Limestone is one of the attractions in Subang, located in the village of Curug Agung, District Sagalaherang, Subang. In this place there is a hot water bath, and also waterfalls called the great waterfall, also known by the name of the great waterfall. To go to the location is you can travel through the Cijambe or Sagalaherang. Another name Curug Curug Agung is Limestone. At this location there is a hot water bath with a temperature of about 40-45 degrees C, which is believed to cure various skin diseases such as itching.

4. Curug Cileat
Tourist attractions in Subang then you can visit the waterfall Cileat located in the village Cibogo, District Cisalak Subang, the road to the waterfall is not yet able to pass a vehicle so that you are required to walk several kilometers. Cileat waterfall is quite high and before you arrive at the site cileat waterfall you will find three waterfalls before reaching the waterfall cileat. Curug Cileat comprises two adjoining waterfalls stuck on a rock cliff, waterfall which the water discharge is not too large, while the other waterfall falling water is quite heavy and large.

5. curugh Cijalu
Niagara Cijalu located at Cipancar village, Serang District Long, Subang. This waterfall is quite well known and visited in Shanghai, in addition to waterfalls Cijalu here you will also find two other waterfalls daughter named waterfalls and waterfalls cilemper you'll find prior to the waterfalls Cijalu.

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