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tourism and travel in Lembang

Lembang is a district in West Bandung regency, West Java, Indonesia. Lembang district is located at an altitude of between 1,312 to 2,084 meters above sea level. Its highest point at the top of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. As the area is located in the mountains, the average temperature ranges between 17 ° -27 ° C. Lembang is one tourist destination in Bandung are the most popular. Tourist area cold valve is always the top choice people in Jakarta and surrounding areas for a weekend vacation. Any tourist in Lembang must be visited?

1. De Ranch
De Ranch is a family tourist attractions located in Lembang. It is unique in this tourist spot is nuanced cowboy atmosphere. In De Ranch, Lembang you can play different types of games fun for the kids, and also can ride a horse, both in land De Ranch, as well as outside. De'Ranch give new nuances in nature by displaying shades farm where the horse is still a major work animal like in the cowboy era.

2. Maribaya
Located approximately 22 km from Bandung, Maribaya is a tourist spot in Lembang which has hot springs, waterfalls and gardens. This place is famous for its natural attractions and tourist hot sulfur. With an area of approximately 6 hectares, sights Maribaya Lembang serve the forest is still beautiful, still visible around the large trees that loomed, even we can still hear the sound of "tongeret".

3. observatory Bosscha
Observatory is an interesting place because it is rare in Indonesia. This place is a place observations of stars only in Lembang. Observatory often gets visits visits by schools and universities because it contains elements of education that is quite useful. With pharmaceutics, building observatory is expected to survive the shocks of an earthquake measuring up to seven on the Richter scale. In the observatory there Zeiss telescope which is operational since 1928 and until now still works fine. Has a length of 11 centimeters, 60 centimeters in diameter and weighs 17 tons, this telescope originally used to conduct research double star. Besides telescope Zeissada also other telescopes contained therein, namely Unitron, Goto, Bamberg. All these telescopes can be used to watch the moon to the sun.

4. Kampung Daun

You are fond of culinary? If yes, do not forget taking the time to Kampung Daun. This place has the atmosphere of a typical English countryside complete with waterfall. Entering the night, a romantic atmosphere Airforce, ideal for young couples. Another special feature of the Tourist Attractions in Bandung Kampung Daun is a concept structuring tourist area that can be said is quite unique, that is the edge of quiet country is really in design with traditional ornaments are antique, such as food, shelters, shelter , Lesbian and most obvious is the light that illuminates the area was so beautiful, dim and create a romantic atmosphere, and unique all the way to the favorite tourist attractions in Lembang, visitors can see the lights of torches lined the sides of the road.


5. Jendela Alam
Jendela alam is an alternative family in Lembang travel. Located at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri, Jendela Alam is a tourist spot with cool air which is perfect to introduce your child to the animals and plants. Children can learn how to care for animals, how to raise, interact with the animals, learn gardening, picking fruit and vegetables, to water play and adventure.


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