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tourism and travel in Bekasi

Bekasi City is a city located in the province of West Java, Indonesia. Bekasi name comes from the word that means the same bagasasi with candrabaga Tugu inscription is written in the era of the kingdom Tarumanegara, ie name of the river that passes through this town. As one of the capital buffer, Bekasi became the location of the construction of many residential areas and industries. Typical building in the middle of dense urban areas, there are tourist attractions in Bekasi that is not inferior to any other city. Here's the summary:

1. Muara Beting Beach
Muara Beting Beach has a brownish-white sand gently sloping. Besides the beach, in this area there is also a nature reserve which consists of mangroves and some animals such as the black monkey and crocodile swamp. There is also an area of 70 hectares of mangrove forest. Here unfortunate many migratory birds from the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean each year, while the current location of the typhoon storm / wind from the Pacific to South China in September to February so that the concentration of migratory birds in this place. In addition there are also animals black birds that are rare.

2. Lake Marakash
Marakas lake located in Pondok Ungu, Bekasi Utara. These sights into one destination for many families to spend the weekend. Marakash Lake is an artificial lake built by the developers of housing Pondok Ungu for the purpose of water storage and recreation facilities for local residents. But in fact many residents of other areas who come to this beautiful lake to hunt for culinary, recreation to fishing. Marakash lake which covers two hectares of this could be the destination to simply unwind with the family around Bekasi.

3. crocodile park Indonesia jaya
It is a tourist spot in Bekasi are not to be missed crocodile lovers. Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya is a breeding crocodiles are located at Jalan Raya Serang Cibarusah, Sukaragam village. Before entering, you are greeted by a statue of a large crocodile on the front page of this crocodile breeding place. Crocodiles are displayed in close proximity. blocked by a fence about 1.5 meters at a distance of 1 meter from the cage. Most of the collection at Taman Buaya Buaya Sumatera Indonesia Jaya is. There was also a Albino alligator, crocodile Tank, Saltwater Crocodile, New Guinea crocodile.

4. Gedung Juang 45
Gedung Juang 45 or also called Tall Buildings may be an option for those who love history. Tourist attractions in this Bekasi Bekasi to witness people's struggle against the invaders. In this place too much going negotiations on a prisoner exchange between the fighters and the occupiers. Interestingly, Bekasi still has a historic building relic of pre independence period, known as the High Building located at Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin, near Market Tambun Tambun and train stations. High building is now known as the fighting building 45. The building was built by the neoclassical architecture landlords Kow Tjing Kie in 1910. The tall building is one of the historic buildings that contributed a silent witness to the struggle of people of Bekasi current physical revolution.

5. Saung Ranggon
Saung Ranggon is an ancient house on stilts in the village Cikedokan, Jakarta. These shelters measuring 7.6 x 7.2 meters high with a floor of 2.5 on the ground floor. There are seven steps to go up to the main floor. The inside of the hut is a large room with no partitions or window. Tourist attractions in London was built in the 16th century by the Kimberly who is the son of Prince Jayakarta. Prince Kimberly build shelters as a hiding place when run from the pursuit of the Netherlands.


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