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tourism and travel in Jepara

Jepara regency is one of regencies in Central Java province. The capital is Jepara. The district borders the Java Sea in the west and the north, Regency of Pati and Kudus regency in the east, as well as Demak district in the south. Jepara regency also includes the Karimun Islands, located in the Java Sea. There are so many tourist attractions in Jepara ranging from parks to beaches and various landmarks that deserves to be a tourist destination. So, if you are running out of places or travel in Semarang, Central Java, then Jepara is one alternative that we submitted to you. Well, want to know what are the main points of interest in Jepara?

1. karimun jawa
This national park is being hits and booming into the local tourist destinations and mancangera. How not, there are amazing sea travel, from the coast of super cool up to a beautiful nature reserve. Karimun Islands is a tourist place designated as a National Marine Park Indonesia, has a number of sea coral more than 90 types, and over 240 species of fish. You can see the coastal forest and mangroves in some island. In addition, you will also find several kinds of land animals, such as deer, birds, monkeys, turtles, and so forth.

2. beach kartini
In the west pavilion Kantor Bupati Jepara, Kartini Beach lies. Extent of about 3.5 hectares with a vehicle that will be ready to satisfy your vacation. Kartini beach is renowned beach in Jepara because they are regional transportation to Karimun Jawa and Long Island. The beach is also a ritual execution location "Lomban", a traditional event held exactly a week after Idul Fitri. On the beach there are many beauty Kartini and buildings such as building a stage which is used as a place of band - the band's concerts. There was also a turtle-shaped building - dubbed giant tortoise with Kura - kura Ocean Park (KOP). The building consists of two floors, the first floor contains a giant aquarium while on the second floor there is a 3D audio-visual equipment.

3. Pulau Panjang
if you are looking for a water tour the island this is the right place. With the shallow sea around it, the base of coral reefs and white sand, Pulau Panjang is exciting water attractions. Moreover, water is also quite clear and does not have current, fit to carry out activities such as swimming, snorkeling and canoeing. The island has white sand surrounded by shallow sea with clear water and coral reefs. The central portion of the island is a tropical forest with towering trees and interspersed shrubs and bushes as a place seabirds breed. Flora on the island is dominated by kapok tree, tamarind, dadap, and pine.

4. waterfalls songgolangit
Name Songgolangit obtained because when seen from below, this waterfall as if he was supporting the sky. Songgo means buffering, and the sky to the horizon sky. Visiting these attractions is surely interesting. Niagara Songgolangit Jepara has a height of about 80 meters with a width of 2meter. This falls below the site there are pools of water with a depth 3meter searchers can use for swimming or just playing water. It was said also, the water of this waterfall can make ageless.

5. Pantai Teluk Awur
Tourist attractions such as the beach is the favorite in Jepara. While it is not too exposed like other cities in Java, but if you are there in Jepara, this beach is that you must visit. The advantage? Besides fitting for swimming and other marine activities of games, you can also enjoy the beach which is only 5 km from the city. With clean water and clear, it seems the weekend is a great time to visit.

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