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tourism and travel in Maluku


Maluku or internationally known as the Moluccas and Molukken are provinces in Indonesia. Tracks history of Maluku have been started since the days of the kingdoms in the Middle East such as Egypt led Pharaoh's kingdom. Proof that history is the oldest Maluku in Indonesia is a record of clay tablets were discovered in Persia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt mentions the existence of a country that is very rich east, is a land of paradise, with the natural result of the form of clove, gold and pearls. Although rare in the papers does not mean nothing special Maluku Islands, travelers. Here the list of tourist attractions in Maluku Islands cool mandatory you visit.

1. Banda Island
Here it is the ideal travel spot for lovers of diving and snorkeling. Parks Banda Sea that lies between the Neira, Gunung Api Island, Pulau Ai, Island Sjahrir and Hatta Island is included in the region of Central Maluku district. although the trip takes a long time you will not be sorry if it had seen with their own eyes the beauty of the marine park below the water surface of the Banda Sea. Here you can find about 350 species of marine life, including several types of ancient coral reefs are gravely threatened.

2. Bacan Island
Bacan Island is located in South Halmahera District, North Maluku province. Bacan Island is the main island of Halmahera Selatan. Bacan Island is one of the Maluku Islands cluster located in the southwest of the island of Halmahera and included in the district of South Halmahera in North Maluku province. Bacan Island has some interesting tourist spots such as Fort Barnevald which is a relic of the occupation of the Portuguese

3. Ambon
The town is also called Amboina or Ambon Manise Ambon city, which means beautiful or pretty. Ambon city managed to captivate anyone who visits thanks to the natural beauty and hospitality of the people. Being on the beach makes the city of Ambon rich coastal tourism each have distinctive features. For example Beach City Gate is located at the end of Ambon City. The uniqueness of this beach is the presence of large rocks shaped like a gate. There are also Turkish Hunimoa located about 40 km from the city center. In addition to swimming and lounging on the white sand beaches of clean, you can also see the former airfield used during World War II.

4. Lake Rana
Rana lake is one of the largest lakes throughout the Maluku Islands and is located 63 km from the city center Namlea, one of the busiest cities on the island landfills legendary writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Rana who makes the lake attractive is the surrounding scenery, the natural forest, combined with sky reflection in the clear water surface and decorated with lotus flowers. The atmosphere became more and more calm when the dusk and calm lake water reflecting the sky the color of amber. It was like in paradise, travelers!

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