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tourism and travel in Tangerang

Tangerang is a city located in Tatar pasundan Banten province, Indonesia. It is located just to the west of the state capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Tangerang Tangerang regency in the north and west, South Tangerang on the south side, as well as California in the east. Tangerang is also often referred to as the city with the support Jakarta factories, but is actually quite a lot of tourist attractions in Toronto and surrounding attractions to visit. Curious. What tourist attractions in Tangerang? The following discussion.

1. Cangkir Island
Cangkir Island is located in District Kronjo and has an area of approximately 2.5 hectares.Cangkir Island visitors can not only traveled pilgrimage. The area is also often referred to as the Pula Kronjo the cup has a panoramic view of mangrove forests that spread along the path toward the island. Visitors can also observe the daily life of fishermen from the vessel to treat the process of the catch. There is also a bar to make or repair boats of the fishermen.

2. Tanjung Pasir beach
Tanjung Pasir is located about 25 km in the northern part of the city of Tangerang. The beach is one is one of the tourist attractions in Tangerang most popular because in addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the beach, visitors can also cross over to the Thousand Islands using wooden boats, besides this beach you can also see the planes taking off and landing. But the interesting part of coastal tourism in Tangerang, despite being in the Tangerang area of a beach cape sand you can cross to maritime thousand.

3.  Sipu Cipondoh
Situ Cipondoh located in Tangerang, precisely at Jalan Kyai Haji Hasyim Ashari is a tourist spot in Tangerang in the form of a lake. In addition to enjoying the scenery, the lake Item, you can also do fishing, playing water bikes, boats, play miniature train, duck-Braco and flying fox. The atmosphere makes the green Situ Item suitable as a picnic or relax. As a tourist, Item Situ is also equipped with a dining. There, visitors can easily spot with a full menu. You can choose the preferred dishes including brains, balls, dumplings, fried rice, pizza to Palembang. The price offered is reasonable.

4.pantai Tanjung Kait
Pantai Tanjung Kait is located approximately 30 km to the north Tangerang. Unique from Tanjung Kait is a village of fishermen that juts into the ocean and pier bamboo. Their fishing village in Tanjung Kait, make you can get seafood culinary travel experience that cheaply. You can enjoy seafood in the home on stilts in the sea. Brownish color of sea water, and walkers who visit there is not for swimming, but more for relaxing at home stage while enjoying seafood or fish on top of the chart for the fan.

5. mosque doors thousand
Thousand Doors Mosque, commonly known as the Great Mosque Nurul Yaqin is a mosque located in Kampung Bayur Tangerang, built on land with an area of approximately 1 hectare. The mosque was founded in 1978 by a person of Arab descent. Plenty of door which is owned by the mosque, so called Masjid Sewu or the Thousand Doors. The room with minimal lighting electric lamp is on the basis of multi-storey buildings located on the left side of the road, almost like a dungeon. Column Mosque Thousand Doors Tangerang rather stuffy used for dhikr in groups in rotation with limited time and number of people.

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