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tourism and travel in Majalengka


Majalengka, is a district in Tatar Sundanese of West Java Province, Indonesia. The capital is Majalengka. Majalengka have direct borders with Regency of Indramayu, Cirebon, Kuningan, Ciamis, Tasikmalaya and Sumedang Regency. Majalengka has a fascinating natural, is evident from the number found various tourist attractions with beautiful views. Most of the tourist attractions in Majalengka is still hidden and still rarely visited by tourists. Here are the Most Beautiful Places in Majalengka, West Java

1. Tea Garden Cipasung
Tea Gardens Cipasung tourist locations in the form of tea gardens has a very nice scenery and beautiful. Tea plantations are always giving the impression of a green and reconcile the hearts. Travel Tea Gardens Cipasung has a natural beauty that is interesting when compared with other tourist attractions located around Majalengka and outside around Majalengka. to see the beauty of the tea garden with a very cool, and also if we're lucky, we will be able to see the view of the tea farmers who were picking tea.

2. Niagara Cibali
Places in Majalengka is very much a waterfall or a waterfall, one of which is the place Waterfall Cibali Majalengka. Tmpat this tour of waterfalls and is located in the Village Cikondang Cingambul District of Majalengka, West Java. As with other tourist attractions in Majalengka, where wsiata is also pristine, so not many tourists who come to this tourist spot. Nature tourism Cibali waterfall has natural conditions that have not polluted well water, soil and air. Panorama unspoiled eyes dazzled. Itineraries across the green paddy fields scenery adds that will not be forgotten. In this place you can eliminate fatigue and relax the body from the urban bustle. The gurgling sound of water encourages you to immediately play the water and feel the freshness of nature. Many students usually visit this place during the holidays.


3. Swimming Pool Balong king
Do you want to feel like a king, which was bathed in a special pool with crystal clear water that is cool and spacious? If you want to experience moments like that, where the tour this one deserves a try. Tourist attraction was named Swimming Pool Balong king. Named Swimming Pool king because in ancient times, the pool is only reserved by the royal government officials in the Netherlands. The location is very beautiful bath with views of a leafy tree. swimming pool with clear water and refresh the body, there is a root springs that flowed into the pond so it looks natural. Not forgetting the outbound arena for nature lovers who love to play various kinds of outbound games. Tourist attractions Swimming Pool Balong The King's also has many large trees with a lifespan of hundreds of years. There was also a Dutch heritage monument, because this place is a gathering place of the first Dutch king.


4. Batu Tilu Mount
It seems undeniable that the mountain where has very beautiful scenery. No exception Stone Mountain Tilu in Majalengka. Stone Mountain Tilu is a collection of mountain nature. Stone Mountain Tilu consists of three hills that has its own uniqueness and natural beauty. Hills or mountains are called Sukmana peak (1,154 m asl), the peak of Mount Tilu (1,076 m asl), and other peaks are unnamed (1,112 m asl). In addition to enjoying the mountains, you will also feel the sensation of freshness of two major rivers that cross it. And more interesting, in Stone Mountain Places Tilu there is also a lot of protected forest teak and pine trees. However, all is still not the worst because if we can reach the summit of Mount Tilu then we will find sites dragon-shaped stone.


5. Curug Sawer
Places in Majalengka next is Curug Sawer. Tourist attractions Curug Sawer is one of the sights waterfall located in the village Sukamaju, Kadudampit districts, District Sukabumi.Seperti as Curug Muara Jaya, this tourist spot is also a waterfall located in the village Argalingga Argapura District of Majalengka. Curug Sawer once this potential if developed as a tourist spot which is nice because it has a natural beauty that is very beautiful and has clear water and has not been contaminated by the feces of the river.


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