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tourism and travel in Madura

Madura is the name of the island located in the northeast of East Java. Madura amount of approximately 5,168 km2, with a population of nearly 4 million inhabitants. Madura island-like body shape as cows, comprising four districts, namely: Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep. Madura. The island can be reached by land transportation passes Suramadu bridge, sea and air. Madura would not just have races of cows, but in Madura there is also an attractive tourist spot like the following

1. siring Kemuning Beach
Turkish Siring Kemuning village located at Mecajah, District of Tanjung Bumi, Bangkalan. From the town of Bangkalan in Madura's go to the beach takes 45 minutes to 1 hour travel by motor vehicle. Bangkalan beach is a beach that is still quite naturally with the charm of the landscape is truly beautiful.

2. Beach Rongkang
Besides Siring Kemuning Beach, at precisely in Bangkalan Madura also Rongkang Beach. Its location in the village of Kwanyar, District Kwanyar, Bangkalan, Madura. The beach is decorated with rocks and trees around it, if it is through Suramadu bridge not too far approximately 10 km towards Kwanyar. One of the advantages of which berjejernya rocks along the coast and hills staircase steps are approximately twenty to twenty-five meters above sea level. And the evening and at night, visible sparkle rays of light ships sailing in the straits of Madura so incredibly exciting and the reflection of rays lights on the water surface that bounces from the direction of Surabaya add to the beauty of the surrounding beaches that make the heart feel amazed .

3. Beach Camplong

The beach is located in the village of Dharma Camplong Camplong, District Camplong, Sampang, Madura. The distance is approximately 10 km from the city center Sampang, access is very easy because it is located on the main street across the city Pamekasan Madura Madura island. Besides that, the more attractive Camplong Beach is now also available a pool large enough and a playground for children. Camplong beach as a tourist asset for the island of Madura, now tclah lengkapdcngan tourist lodge consisting of eight buildings (cottage) with the number of air-conditioned rooms and a relaxing lounge overlooking the beach. Location Pondok Wisata Pantai Camplong is located in the Regency of Sampang Madura, about 30 minutes away by Ferry to the island of Madura from Surabaya City of Heroes.

4. waterfalls toroan
Niagara Toroan is one of the waterfalls in Madura, location toroan waterfall is located in the village of Ketapang Power, district. Ketapang, Sampang, Madura, East Java. This waterfall has its own uniqueness that is the water falling straight into the sea. Niagara Toroan surrounded by the many shady trees around it so that the air is quite cool and beautiful. The stones are large and still intact, able to withstand the waves and the sand is clean along the shoreline. The state of nature around the waterfall is still very natural. Sand miners have not been touched by the sea and has not been soiled by graffiti hand. Even here in the afternoon can watch the sunset.

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