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tourism and travel in Tasikmalaya

Tasikmalaya is one of the cities in West Java Province, Indonesia. The Pearl of the East Priangan another name for the city, along with the development of this city. Although designated as a new town on June 21, 2001, but Tasikmalaya is a city with considerable tourist potential interest to visit. If you have the opportunity to Tasikmalaya, you should try some of the sites most visited there, following tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya must be visited:

1. Mount Galunggung
Craters and hot springs on Mount Galunggung is one of the sites most visited in Tasikmalaya. This mountain is one of the volcanoes in Tasikmalaya. On the way to the crater visitors can also enjoy incredible scenery as Ericaceous Forest and Montane Forests. Along the way you can enjoy the shady trees, fresh air breeze, forests, and so forth. The crater of Mount Galunggung Tasikmalaya famous as a fishing spot because in the crater lake there are many marine habitats such as colorful fish that can be caught. The lake has a green-colored water are located at the bottom of the crater of Mount Galunggung.


2.Pantai Selatan Cipatujah
Who would have thought, the southern coastal area of Tasikmalaya district has nice beaches and exotic. The beach is South Beach Cipatujah, coastal resorts that you must visit if you want to explore Tasikmalaya. To reach this beach alone, you have to pass Kawalu, Sukarata, then Cibalong and Coral Nunggal. Cipatujah beach is a famous beach has big waves. This beach has reefs that are usually used for spawning fish. Cipatujah beach is the longest and widest beach around the South Coast region. Iron sandy beaches so it is either used for activities sunning themselves and perform other beach activities.


3. Great Mosque Manonjaya
About 12 km from the center of Tasikmalaya, there is the Grand Mosque which is also frequented by migrants who want to know more about the city of Tasikmalaya. The mosque is believed to have been built since 1832, when it was still the era of the Kingdom Sukapura Raden Tumenggung Danuningrat leadership, which is the beginning of the establishment of Tasikmalaya. Other particularities of this mosque is the existence of pillars pole totaling 10 pieces. Construction masts pillars look different than similar construction prevalent in building mosques, past and present.

4. Thermal Baths Ciawi
If you are from Bandung to Tasikmalaya, from the junction Nagreg you can take the route Ciawi. On his way you will pass the Thermal Baths Ciawi. Bathing place is an interesting place to visit if you want a layover while traveling. There are two pools, cold water and hot water which can be found in each cubicle bathroom. Bath with hot water is also believed to reduce the risk of disease, due to the effects of water will feel like massaging the body. In addition, the hot water comes from nature also will provide a fresh impression on the body and blood circulation.


5. Kampung Naga
If you are curious about how the traditional sides in Tasikmalaya, you can take the time to visit Kampung Naga. It is a village that still holds the traditional and customs as well as maintain their ancestral culture. Starting from the building to the lifestyle embraced by the people in this village are still very traditional. In the art of the people of Kampung Naga have restrictions or taboos performing arts type of outside Kampung Naga such as puppet show, dangdut, martial arts, as well as others who use the arts waditra goong. Being called a heritage arts people of Kampung Naga is Terbangan, angklung, outs, and Rengkong.


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