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tourism and travel in Pematangsiantar

Pematangsiantar city (often abbreviated Siantar only) is one of the cities in North Sumatra province, and the second largest city in the province after Medan. Due to its strategic location Pematangsiantar, he crossed by the Trans-Sumatran Highway. This city has an area of 79.97 km2. Speaking of roads, for you who want to explore destinations in the second largest city in North Sumatra, we will invite you to know the tourist places. Siantar already have facilities adequate for the tourists. Available hotel, restaurant (restaurant) and accessibility that will not make you cranky. Well here tourist attractions in Siantar:

1. tea plantations Sidamanik
Down the tea gardens in Port Augusta, now the tour you can not miss. Located in the hills, tea gardens are located in the District Sidamanik, Simalungun offers natural roaming the hills overlooking the beautiful gardens. The farm consists of three plantation areas, namely agriculture Butong Bah, Sidamanik Plantation, Plantation Tobasari. The tea gardens have a beautiful view of the hills. Typically for a hobby photo becomes a very interesting place to be able to channel his hobby.


2. Niagara bah biak
Bahbutong breed is the name of the waterfall in the tea garden Sidamanik. In addition to a tour of nature you can also be a tour of history because in the vicinity there are turbines that are made during the Japanese rule a.k.a Nippon. High waterfall about 7 meters and is surrounded by various types of plants. Once finished down view of the tea gardens, tourists should not miss views of Niagara Bak Biak, which is only about 1 kilometer from the tea garden Bah Butong.


3. Gardens Animals Siantar
Located in the city center, Has a land area of about 4 hectares. Siantar Zoo has a large collection of species ranging from mammals, Aves, Reptiles. Until now the number of collections contained in the Zoo continues to grow because Siantar Siantar Zoo has a policy of conservation and wildlife breeding which can be considered a success. Even Siantar Zoo has a collection of rare animals, such as white tiger and Sumatran. And there is also a collection that is unique and second to none in Indonesia, such as the existence of the oldest terrestrial crocodile which survived in human care in the Zoo.     


4. Museum Simalungun
Museum that stands in the way of this Sudirman storing various types of archaeological objects. No half-hearted guys !! there are about 886 collections of course you can see and capture. The museum was built in 1939 and at that time the museum is still named Rumah Pusaka Simalungun.


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