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tourism and travel in Garut

Garut a district in West Java province, Indonesia. The capital is Tarogong South. The district borders Sumedang regency in the north, Tasikmalaya regency in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and Cianjur and Bandung regency in the west. Garut surrounded by five mountain so that most of the Garut region is a mountainous area, except for the area around the beach located in southern Garut. With a geographical situation like that, automatically Garut has many interesting sights and much visited by tourists from areas in the vicinity. Want to know what the tourist attractions in Garut most famous? Read the following review.

1. Turkish Santolo
Located in the district of Cikelet, Santolo Beach is one of the sights in Garut most popular. Santolo beach which is located 88 KM south of Garut city where tourism is a mainstay of Garut much frequented by residents of Bandung. Santolo beaches have white sand and soft textured small pebble. Sea view of the blue is very charming in the morning and evening. What is interesting stations to launch rockets Space agency (National Institute of Aeronautics and Space) is also located around the beach. On the Island Temple Santolo are numerous boat rental which rents boats for tourists who want to explore the shallow seas around the coast. In addition, if you feel your stomach growling, you can dine at the various stalls scattered around the location of the beach with a seafood menu guaranteed freshness of the fish.

2. Situ Bagendit
Situ Bagendit is a lake located in Banyuresmi.Situ Bagendit is the most famous tourist lake in Garut because the quality of the environment is in good condition and cleanliness are maintained. Various tourist activities that you can do in Places Bagendit among others around the lake in a small boat or water bike, or stroll leisurely enjoy the natural scenery around the lake. These areas provide many attractive facilities leased to a tourist destination.

3. Beach Rancabuaya
Rancabuaya beach is one of the tourist attractions in Manila's most famous. Characteristic of Rancabuaya beach waves are quite big because bordered by the Indian Ocean, and the coral reef and also many large. The second thing that causes some fish caught in between the rocks, quite unique and interesting to see. Which is quite interesting in Places Rancabuaya beach this is a waterfall poured directly from the high cliffs. Waterfall called because directly facing beach.Lots the marine species that can be found in the prominence waterfalls like shells, crabs, starfish that were dumped. Beach and a harbor beach is, can increase the attraction of tourists who want to buy fish directly from local fishermen. Fish certainly still fresh can be enjoyed with the family. With burned at the seashore while enjoying beautiful beaches.


4. Mount papandayan
Volcano volcano is fairly well known to the residents of West Java, especially Bandung and Garut. Located in District Cisurupan, the volcano is only 70 KM from the city of Bandung Bandung so many people who go on a trip to the volcano. The main attraction is the crater of the volcano and hot springs are believed to cure various diseases. Another attraction is the activity of the visitors who have a level of moderate to challenging, such as seeing or berfotografi natural panoramic views of the mountains, craters, forests and flora and fauna. Also educational research nature reserve, picnic camping in the park until nature.

5. Cijeruk Indah Beaches
Cijeruk Indah beach located in the village of Sagara including beautiful beaches and interesting place to visit. The advantages of Cijeruk Indah Beach is the beach is not crowded, clean, natural, and has a very clear water. On the way to the beach Cijeruk Indah, you'll be treated to beautiful scenery in the form of rubber plantations neat. This beach wave height of 1 m on a seabed slope ramps so it is quite safe to swim, brownish-white sands and blue seas add to the beauty of this beach. Activities you can do with the maximum is boating, sunbathing, berfotografi, fish and fishing in around the beach.

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