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tourism and travel in alor island

Alor is an island located at the east end of the Nusa Tenggara Islands. Its area is 2,119 km², and its highest point 1,839 m. The island is limited by the Flores Sea and Banda Sea in the north, the Strait Ombai in the south (separating the island of Timor), and Strait Pantar in the west (separating the island of Pantar, Alor Island is one of the 92 outer islands of Indonesia for direct border with Timor Leste in the south. With its natural beauty makes Alor has many tourist sites worth visiting. its natural beauty not only lies above but also under the sea. Then the tourist attractions in Alor what can you visit? Here's recommendation.

1. Air panas Tuti Adagae
In terms of appearance may be heated Tuti Adagae not special. Only 20 cm height, when an earthquake in 2004 and then a hot shower conditions shrunk tens of centimeters. The first form of gelempungan source of water out of the bottom of the earth with a distinctive voice that seemed to welcome the visitors and accompany their presence there, do not try to touch let alone a shower in there because the water was very hot. The second source is about 50 meters from the first point, the hot water gushes out of a pile of sludge small rocks that hardened to a height of more than 1 meter around the hole, with the color orange is very beautiful, also its water is very friendly commonly utilized visitors with bath for menghilagkan tired and tired after much traveling.

2. Mount Sirung
Tourist attractions in Alor other is a mountain Emmons, an active volcano which is located on the island of Pantar. For those of you who like to hike does not hurt to try to climb the mountain. From the top of the mountain you will be treated to a beautiful natural landscape with small islands in the distance. You can also see the beauty of the sunrise from this place.

3. Beach Maimol
beach Maimol Kabola located in the village, about 8 km from the city Kalabahi. Maimol is an area of traditional fishing village. Here you will see the local fishermen who fish with sea challenge. The beach is right on the bay Benlelang that has calm waves with clear water. White sand to the shoreline nearly 1 kilometer provide its own beauty to the eyes of visitors. Around the site already contained a perisitirahatan form of bamboo chairs right in the shade of palm and banyan trees and also provided a toilet for visitors.

4. Traditional Village Takpala

If you are interested in the culture of the Traditional Village Takpala is the right choice. It is in the village of West Overtime District. North Central Guarantee. Here you will see a very simple life. Takpala village has 15 traditional house tribal Abui or commonly referred to as home lopo. Only the remaining 13 families, or about 40 people living in the village Takpala it. 13 custom house was walled and a pair of traditional houses called Kolwat and kanuarwat. Two custom home is not everyone can enter, because only certain people only.

5. Museum Seribu moko
For those of you who like history, do not forget to visit the Museum Seribu Moko. Location is located in the city Kalabahi, precisely on Jalan Diponegoro. The museum is named Moko Seribu Museum. Moko itself represents the Alor rich culture and Seribu describes a condition many, diverse and great expectations. Moko is used as bride price (dowry) for citizens or ethnic group Pantar, as well as a musical instrument in any ceremonies. Several other heirlooms were also stored so neatly in Thousand Museum Moko was Muti Plate and hairpin, fabric Kafate Muti, silver earrings (Ulawang) and anklets.

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