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tourism and travel in Banten


Banten is a province in Tatar Pasundan, as well as the most western part of Java, Indonesia. The province was once a part of West Java province, Because of its strategic location, Banten province has tremendous tourism potential so often the choice of sites for people in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Tourist attractions in Banten and the surrounding areas are worth a visit Which? Here's his review.

1. Anyer beach
Anyer beach is one of the tourist attractions in Banten most crowded and popular, especially for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings because it is close and affordable. Kabupatan located in Serang, Banten, Anyer beach is a beach that has beautiful white sand and interesting. Named Anyer beach because the beach is located along the District of Anyer, Banten. Spot a beautiful and diverse attractions that make this beach increasingly in demand by families when the weekend comes. Anyer beach visit will surely be a vacation or trip that is interesting for you all.

2. Ujung Kulon National Park
Ujung Kulon National Park in accordance with its name, on the western tip of Java Island. Ujung Kulon National Park area includes not only mainland region in the island of Java, but also included some islands in the western tip of Java island. The main activities that can be done in Ujung Kulon National Park are trekking, camping, and see the wild. Ujung Kulon National Park offers a unique natural charm that is rarely found in other places. Various uniqueness and natural beauty can be found, ranging from waterfalls, rivers, white sandy beaches, marine parks, to the hot springs.

3. Tanjung Lesung
Tanjung Lesung is the name of an exclusive beach area and maintained on the western tip of Java, about 180 KM from the city. Having the beach is still beautiful and clean with white sand Tanjung Lesung is the best beach in West Java in my opinion. Activities to do in Tanjung Lesung which is play sand, diving, playing water sports, fishing, and stay at a very nice villa. A new experience that you can feel in addition to visiting the conservation of coral reefs is visiting the island Liwungan. To reach this island you can use a fishing boat or speedboat about 30 minutes drive. On the island of Liwungan you can enjoy the beauty of the Sunda Strait and Mount Krakatau towering.

4. Mount Krakatau
Krakatau volcano is a volcano which erupted violently and have an impact not just in Indonesia, but also abroad. Today, Mount Krakatau is one of the tourist attractions in Banten most preferred mountain climbers. The main and most favorite activities here is to climb Mount Krakatau. Tourist attraction Krakatoa volcano is located on the remains of the eruptions that produced the exotic landscape of the remainder of the massive eruption. Coupled with Anak Krakatau is still active and volatile. In addition, the high-Anak Krakatau is increasingly also an attraction of this tour Krakatau. According to experts, high-Anak Krakatau increased by about 5 cm each month.

5. Kampung Baduy
Kampung Baduy is the Baduy tribe village. Baduy tribe is a tribe that still thick indigenous Sundanese, and is one of the native tribe in Banten. Baduy village located in Lebak, Banten has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants and is divided into two, namely the Baduy Dalam and Outer Baduy. In appearance, the Baduy tribe and headband wearing all-white. While outside Baduy tribe wear black and blue headband. Equation of both, their abstinence for footwear, modern technology and modern transportation.

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