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tourism and travel in Malang

Malang is a city located in the province of East Java, Indonesia. It is located 90 km south of Surabaya and is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya, and is one of Indonesia's largest cities by population. Moreover, Malang is also the second largest city in the southern part of Java after Bandung. Places of Interest in Malang is the appropriate recommendations for the tourists who love the world of vacation. The number of tourist attractions that are available to make the city of Malang as best as holiday destinations. many naturalness that can be obtained from the tourist attractions in the city of Malang, make this city as an attractive tourist destination, the reason most people on holiday for pleasure and entertain themselves, sometimes even the most sought naturalness. So this creates another atmosphere for Malang that seventy percent is made up of nature, even if the model is artificial it was nothing compared to the number that is natural.

1. beach balekambang
Such famous Tanah Lot for Malang Places in this one there is a temple used as a place of Hindu worship. But it was not known since when the temple started there, because it has not met the local people who use them to worship. However, the beauty of which is owned Balekambang beach is indeed no less beautiful with the beach in Bali because it is the most visited by citizens of Malang itself, especially for young people. There are three islands closest to the coast, namely Ismoyo Island, Island and Island Anoman Wisanggeni. Right at the top of the island Ismoyo, there is a magnificent temple called Pura Luhur Amertha Jati, and a bridge connecting it with the main beach Balekambang.

2. Eco Green Park
Eco Green Park is Places in Malang the most fun to be introduced to the children. Since this is a form of education to love the environment at the same time introduce it to children. In it there is a small zoo and maintain environmental information. has beautiful scenery, the cool air and cold aitr. Various unique rides available here to complete your holiday with his wife and family child. The combination of modern international tourist attractions that showcase the rich indigenous cultures of Indonesia, the theme of conservation of nature combined with attractive and entertaining vehicle. Rides featured at the Green Park Eco Tourism Batu Malang, some of which are house upside, a replica of the actual size but its position all upside down. Later in the vehicle Jungle Adventure, you can be adventurous like in the real jungle, with a collection of unique animals. There are also replicas of famous temples in Indonesia which offers fantastic scenery and complete in one location.

3. Coban Pelangi
Then Places in Malang known as Coban Pelangi. His name is very interesting, because you definitely begin to imagine the rainbow there are always there. But to see the rainbow is a matter of luck, because the rainbow will be seen in the flow of the waterfall with a height of 30 meters. Very beautiful, waterfall Coban rainbow falls from a height of 110 m. Disekiling waterfall a cliff towering. Cool weather, plus a splash of cold water spread around the site.

4. Sempu Island

Sempu Island is Places in Malang today it is many a tourist destination the traveler because of the beauty of the island in the middle of the sea it is very tempting to visit. it can be said that the island is now a new belle of the tourist attractions in the city of Malang. Sempu island can be said to be a hidden lagoon dibelakan a cliff opposite the beach Sendag Biru, Malang. Very exotic island, offers a fascinating natural beauty. Beautiful white sandy beaches, clear blue water Yanga very charming, plus thousands of tiny fish swim here and there and enhanced with exotic green hills that surround this beach as if mejadikan beach like heaven on earth.

5. MuseumAngkut
It is a museum in Indonesia which only provide a range of information about the history of transportation fun in the world, one of which is Malang Places in the photo collection manifold, there is an electric car, wagon, bicycle, and car racing. Zones that are provided include the developed countries in the world such as Italy, France, Las Vegas, Japan, England, Hollywood, and Broadway Gangster, Germany, and the Education Zone. In addition to getting information about the development of transport in the world, you who like photo can also satisfy your passion at this tourist spot. Various artificial landmark which there certainly could be an interesting background photo. Transport Museum is also frequently used as a venue, community event, a competition car modification until prewedding photos and shooting video clips.

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