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tourism and travel in Purwakarta

Purwakarta district, is a district in West Java province, Indonesia. The capital city is located in Purwakarta Purwakarta district and within ± 80 km east of Jakarta. Purwakarta have quite a lot of tourism potential, natural attractions, reservoirs, tourist places of travel. One of the attractions in purwakarta most famous is Jatiluhur. This reservoir became one of the favorite tourist destinations in Purwakarta, you can enjoy a variety of rides such as: rowing, windsurfing, water skiing, power boating, sailboats and yachts.

1. Jatilahur reservoir
This reservoir became the most popular tourist spot in Purwakarta that must be visited. Attraction which is the Citarum river estuary has an area of 8.3 thousand hectares and offers a lot of recreation and water sports, such as windsurfing, sail boats, rowing, water skiing, and more. There are many other facilities that can be enjoyed in Jatiluhur such as swimming pools, restaurants or food stalls, lodgings, bungalow, children's playground, bar, tennis courts, campsite, recreational facilities, a billiards, water sports center, and much more


2. sajuta stone village
The place is located in the Pasanggrahan, district Tegalwaru. Activities that can be performed by a visitor of them roaming the village with natural green hills and paddy fields, fishing, rock climbing and mountain Parang offroad sports and camping interesting. natural destination located in the Village Bed & Breakfast, sub telagwaru, Purwakarta was very interesting to visit. On arrival at the Tourism Village Sajuta Stone, you will be served typical natural mountain scenery Purwakarta. This village is not only made up of mountains but juag residence, plantations and agriculture.

3. Goa Japan and the Netherlands
Historical sights in Purwakarta next is Goa Dutch and Japanese Cave. Goa was built in 1942 by indigenous people by force known as the Romusha. The function of this cave as gunpowder and storage of weapons at a Japanese army radio communications. That said, this cave was built by the people of Indonesia romusha or mobilized as forced labor. Rooms in Goa Japan consists of a rest area Japanese commander and his soldiers.

4. giri tirta Kahuripan
If you want to enjoy a holiday with friends or want to experience a romantic honeymoon, Kahuripan Tirta Giri is the right choice. Here you can enjoy an exciting vacation. In addition to a couple, attraction Kahuripan Tirta Giri is also fun for the holiday-do, whether with friends, relatives or family. There are plenty of rides here. Its location in the village Taringgul Tonggol, District Wanayasa, Purwakarta. It provides lodging places such as villas and cottages with a cool air and mountain scenery is very beautiful.

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