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tourism and travel in Exotic beaches in East Java

East Java has its own magnet for domestic and foreign tourists. Starting from Mount Bromo whose beauty has been worldwide, Ranu Kumbolo, Jatim Park, Museum of Transportation, and still a lot of sights that can be found here. In addition to the beautiful mountains, East Java, it also has exotic beaches which refresh the eye, so in my writing this time I only discuss a great beach to visit in western Java. The beaches are scattered in the city of Malang, Jember, Banyuwangi, and other cities. For you lovers of the beach, here we will review the most beautiful beaches in East Java to be missed.

1. Turkish Papuma Travel
Papuma beach located in the village Lojejer, District Wuluhan, Jember. The journey from the town of Jember to Turkish Papuma could take quite a long time, so it is advisable for you to stay overnight here. The management has provided some of the inn and cottages at affordable price, approximately 150,000 ($ 11.11) - Rp.450.000 ($ 33.3) per night. The price of admission to this beach alone 5,000 to Rp.7.000.
Turkish Papuma has a very beautiful scenery. A mix of white sand and rocks spread on the waterfront. One characteristic of the Turkish Papuma are seven large towering rock at the beach. Their large size makes these corals resemble an island. Seventh corals also have each other's names. Here you can feel the sensation of exposure to the waves on the reef. The beach is also often used as a location or landscape prewedding photos by photographers from different cities.

2. Red Island Beach, Banyuwangi Travel
Red Island Beach is situated in the village Sumberagung, Pesanggaran subdistrict, Banyuwangi. We took about three hours to get to this beach from the center of the city of Banyuwangi. What is special about this beach is the view as the sun begins to set and the sky turns orange. Many commented that the Red Island Beach has a characteristic like most beaches in Brazil and got his nickname as Kuta East Java. In addition to sit back and relax to enjoy the beach, other activities you can do here is surfing because the beach has become a world-class surfing destination on the island of Java. You only need to pay 25000-50000 rupiah to hire surfboards already provided the manager. Surf conditions here which reaches a height of 4 to 5 meters is suitable for surfers of different levels.
  Image result for Pantai Pulau Merah, Banyuwangi

3.Sempu Island Travel

Sempu Island is a small island that is still in one location with the Blue Spring Beach, which makes it special is the Sempu island lagoon Segara Chicks contained in the island. Segara Chicks To achieve this you must do the tracking for two hours through the jungle and the steep road. This trip will pay off once you see the white sand clad super crystal clear blue water and coral formations protect Segara Chicks. The sea water here is very quiet, making it safe to use a swim. To maintain the beauty of this island you will hopefully not remove lacquer and damage the existing ecosystem.
Image result for Pulau Sempu, Malang
 Image result for Pulau Sempu, Malang

4.Klayar Beach Travel, Pacitan

Image result for Pantai Klayar, PacitanKlayar Beach Donorojo located in the District, about 35 km journey to the west of Pacitan. The length of time you need to arrive at this beach is about an hour away. The beach is relatively unspoiled, so the road to the beach is quite difficult. Klayar Beach is one of the leading tourist attraction in Pacitan. The specialty of this beach other than the milk-white sand, here there is a rock that resembles a fountain Spinx and experience with the high reaching 10 meters. Shades of sea water from blue to turquoise combined with white sand beaches will surely make you fall in love. Solid rock and overhanging make this beach is almost the same as the Tanah Lot Bali.
Image result for Pantai Klayar, PacitanImage result for Pantai Klayar, Pacitan

5.Teluk Ijo (Green Bay), Banyuwangi travel
The beach is better known by his Green Bay is located in the district of Banyuwangi Pesanggaran, Sarongan village, Banyuwangi. From the center of the town of Banyuwangi we can take the path towards the south as far as approximately 90 km. The specialty of this beach is soft white sand, clear sea water and also colored toska 8 meter high waterfall. to get to the beach we had to tracking down a path more or less as far as 2 km. In some parts of the roads are in a rope to allow visitors to climb the road. Because of an exhausting trip, it is advisable for you to berkemping overnight here. You can relax and enjoy the crystal clear water, get wet in the waterfall or try the thrill of fishing and shrimp.

Image result for Teluk Ijo (Green Bay), Banyuwangi Image result for Teluk Ijo (Green Bay), Banyuwangi

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