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Tourism And Travel In Jakarta

Jakarta Special Capital Region (DKI Jakarta) is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta is the only city in Indonesia that has province-level status. Jakarta is located in Tatar Pasundan, the northwestern part of the island of Java. Was once known as Sunda Kelapa (before 1527), Jayakarta (1527-1619), Batavia / Batauia, or Jaccatra (1619-1942), Jakarta Tokubetsu Shi (1942-1945) and Djakarta (1945-1972). Internationally Jakarta also has nicknames like J-Town, or more popular The Big Durian because it is considered comparable cities New York City (Big Apple) in Indonesia. Jakarta is Indonesia's economic centrum. However, there are many tourist attractions in Jakarta interesting to be explored. The largest city in Indonesia is always busy, it can be said as well as the city that never sleeps. Compiled from various sources, here are a number of attractions in Jakarta's most popular visited by lovers of travel, both domestic and foreign.

1. MonasLocation Tours is located right in front of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia on Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, and is surrounded by various important attractions of Jakarta, such as Museum Gajah, Istiqlal Mosque, and the Catholic Church Khatedral, made a tour to visit the National Monument, or often abbreviated as the monument into an attractive tourist experience. This is the memorial at 132 meters (433 feet), was established to commemorate the resistance and struggle of the people of Indonesia to win independence from Dutch colonial rule. The monument was built by President Soekarno, is crowned by the flame-coated gold sheet. Monas is a tourist place in Jakarta is the most popular, while also one of the pride of the Republic of Indonesia. The monument by architect Friedrich Silaban and R.M. Sudarsono is open to the public every day from 8 am to 3 pm, except on the last Monday of every month is closed to the public.

2. Seribu Islands
Seribu Islands, one of the attractions in Jakarta which consists of several small islands are interesting spots of the other tourist attractions that go DKI Jakarta province. Coverage of the Seribu Islands consist of Hope Island, Angel Island, Tidung, Pari Island, and dozens of other islands. Most of them offer a relaxed atmosphere if a visit with family. Thousand Islands, there are many activities you can do, from diving, snorkeling, or just walking around enjoying the sunset at dusk. Availability of good accommodation in the Seribu Islands easier for visitors who want a longer menkimati tourism experience.

3. Tidung Island
Tidung different from Pari Island, Hope Island or Pulau Pramuka. Tidung have its own icon in the form of a bridge which was named the Bridge of Love Island Tidung. Among the many small islands that includes part of the Thousand Islands, Tidung perhaps the most interesting sites to visit. The island has a coastline that is so shady and beautiful, make tourists linger at a stop on this small island. Domination quiet and comfortable atmosphere certainly is perfect for relaxing with friends, relatives, and family. As one part of the beautiful coastal tourist Jakarta, Tidung offers a variety of exciting water rides like Jet Sky, Water Sport, Sport Kano, Banana Boat, and many more. For those of you who like to visit water attractions in Jakarta, Tidung Island is a favorite destination for a family holiday.

4. Ancol Dreamland
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a tourist attraction in North Jakarta. As a community renewal of community life that became the pride of the nation. Always create a better social environment through quality entertainment offerings berunsur art, culture and knowledge, in order to realize the community 'Life Re-Creation' which became the pride of the nation. Was popular with the name of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, a tourist destination is now more familiar one is called Ancol Dreamland. Perhaps Ancol Dreamland is a tourist icon in Jakarta since in every day, this destination is never empty of visitors, both domestic and foreign. Similar to the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta including sites from which a visit with family. Ancol Dreamland strategic layout so it is easy to reach from all directions. And such attractions for families in general, Ancol Dreamland presents a number of rides that match enjoyed by all age groups. There are rides rink Ocean, Fantasy World, Sea World or like young people and children. Of course, you will be charged again to enjoy rides in Ancol Dreamland.

5. Dufan
Dufan or Fantasy World is the largest entertainment venues in Jakarta interesting. World Fantasy commonly abbreviated Dufan located in Taman Impian Ancol, North Jakarta, into a recreation destination for residents of Jakarta and outside Jakarta, good for families or young people. Although the place is already familiar to the citizens of Jakarta, but there are many things that make the visitors do not get bored to visit again. This is not surprising, because the sites are bearing the proboscis monkey primate has advantages to attract visitors. Jakarta should be proud because it has Dufan has diverse game similar to those in other countries. In a town that does not have too many tourist attractions, Dufan seemed to have answered the need for recreation for its residents. Like most busy urban communities, families generally choose Dufan for a vacation because it was close to that in the area of ​​Ancol Taman Impian so it does not need to be out of town. Costs for recreation disni not too large when compared to a vehicle that can be tried. In addition, the Ancol area which is an area of ​​beaches in the city can be a means of introducing natural for children.

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