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tourism and travel in Nias

Nias (Nias language Tano Niha) is an island located west of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The island is inhabited by a majority ethnic Nias (Ono Niha), which still has a megalithic culture. This area is an important tourist attraction like surfing (surfing), traditional houses, dives, fahombo (jump stone). Island with an area of 5,625 sq km has a population of 700,000 inhabitants. Nias Island tour promises cruising beauty of one diamond Indonesia in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This tiny island still keeps the relics of a past life, ranging from the traditional village with traditional houses, cultural attractions megalithic stone jump up. Here time seems to stop with the culture and traditions that miraculously survive sustainably. By packaging panorama beautiful landscape culture travel tour packages in Nias will feel fantastic. For more details, the following list of sites in Nias, North Sumatra worth visiting.

1.Sorake Bach
Sorake is one beach that became an icon of Indonesian tourism in the islands of Nias. Beaches with high waves known as a favorite of surfers are in the South Nias. Sorake known as one of the beaches have waves are classy, ​​beautiful and has a lot of advantages of the waves in many beaches nice wavy in various parts of the world. Sorake, became one of the surfing dream location for lovers of surfing. Even the beach is in the village Botohilitano districts in the Gulf, southern Nias district is said to have the best waves in the world's second after the island of Hawaii. Of course, the surfers who come to this area are foreign tourists. In the Gulf does have a fairly remote location or remote, is already Nias island regions also quite remote and quite a lot of time spent amid the sea to the island. However, it will not make the tourists regret Surfing lovers especially when it reached the edge Sorake.

2. Turkish Lagundri
Lagundri beach is one beach that has big waves, ideal for surfers. Lagundri located in Nias Island, North Sulawesi. Turkish Lagundri have not long been known, since the beach is beginning to rise among surfers began in 1993. The beach is only recognized that perfection to surf by surfers worldwide already here. Right next to the bay, the world's surfers compete to hunt the wind could take them to the wave length of the south and the supposedly big waves when the full moon appears. Lagundri beach is located close to the beach Sorake. Both beaches have a beautiful panoramic landscape but also renowned as an international surfing location. The fame of the two beaches is now paired with the waves in Hawaii. The distance between the Turkish Lagundri and Sorake only 2 km, is located approximately 12 km from Telukdalam, the capital of South Nias, North Sumatra. Usually surfing from many foreign countries come and hang out at the beach from April to September each year. They will try folds wave height capable of achieving 7 to 10 meters with five levels.

3. Jump Batu Nias
Jump Batu Nias or Hombo Stone is a tradition that is still taking place on the islands of Nias and can still be seen in the village Bawomataluo. Ritual Fahombo by Nias tribe was once used as an image on a banknote Rp. 1000 issue of Bank Indonesia in 1992. In the tradition of Nias, every man who will be involved in the war are required to perform this ritual stone jump Nias. Miles to be skipped in the form of the monument which has no less than two meters high with a width of 90 cm and a length of 60 cm. To be able to pass through a 2-meter-high stone the special skills required of rest and physical health. The success of this rock combo tradition is measured not only of how he could jump over the stone, but also the views of the techniques they use when landing. Because the slightest mistake at the time of landing, the jumper is not uncommon to suffer from muscle injuries and even fractures. So do not be surprised if after the boys they are willing to go through this ritual, often held a simple celebration to slaughter poultry or other animals. Even for young people who jump with perfect stone for the first time, usually hosted by the village elders.


4. Turkish Laowomaru
Laowomaru beach is one of several exotic beaches on the island of Nias. Nias island itself falls into one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Beautiful beach located in Gunung Sitoli is indeed always provide extraordinary views of the exotic. Pantai Indah Laowomaru is one of the most popular beaches in Gunung Sitoli besides Charlita beach. This beach has long been known by tourists as a must-see tourist destination, especially its location is not far from the city center of Gunung Sitoli, which is one of the important administrative city on the island of Nias. Hearing the name of the beach laowomaru, surely you also remembered an other tourist attractions on the island of Nias who also uses the name that is beautiful peak laowomaru. Although this laowomaru beach is a beach directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, but this is not unique coast beaches have high waves similar to those contained in Sorake and Lagundri Beach, which is very popular as surfing arena. Laowomaru beautiful beaches tend to have calm waves so it is safe to be used for different kinds of activities seperci surfing or swimming. Not only that, exoticism laowomaru beach is very natural. Surrounded by green leafy trees make the atmosphere cool and comfortable around the coast. For those of you who visit the Pantai Indah Laowomaru, not complete it if you do not soak in the freshness of the water. Thus, swimming or even just take a walk around the coastline is one of the activities that are often carried by travelers to spend leisure time.

5. Beach Charlita

Charlita beach is so amazing marine tourism by offering full facilities. This beach is a popular beach in Gunung Sitoli. Charlita beach is a wide white sand beach stretches. Charlita beach has calm sea water blue sea and is perfect for swimming. In the vicinity of the beach there are trees as shade. We could sit back underneath to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery and feel the sea breezes gentle. In Charlita beach is also equipped with various facilities such as lodging, dining, there is also a swimming pool equipped with a lazy river waterboom game similar to the smaller versions. Uniquely, this pool contains sea water, so you can enjoy a swim in the sea water taste without fear of abject. After playing, you can beristirahat at various gazebo that are around the beach or enjoy a typical seafood dish at the restaurant Charlita beach around the coast. So, there is no harm in Turkish Charlita stopping when you are in Gunungsitoli in Nias Island.


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