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tourism and travel in Riau

Riau is a province of Indonesia, located in the central part of the island of Sumatra. The province is located in the central part of the east coast of the island of Sumatra, which is along the coast of the Straits of Melaka. Riau is currently one of the richest provinces in Indonesia, and its resources are dominated by natural resources, particularly oil, natural gas, rubber, palm oil and plantation fiber. Riau province actually has an assortment of natural tourism areas such as:

Riau also has a white sandy beach that is not less interesting to the beaches of Bali island coast. Rupat Island is a white sandy beach on an island in Riau, which has a coastline of 17 km. Rupat white sand beaches clean, making the tourists have many options: play sand, sun, bathing in the sea, relax and enjoy the natural beauty that unfolds. Rupat beach is known as the beach which has its own peculiarities. This can be seen from the white sand that runs along the coast. In addition to white, the beach is clean and filled with many small animals are often called a hermit crab.


Pulau Jemur is located approximately 45 miles from the capital of Rokan Hilir district. The island is very beautiful, with sprawling ocean will enchant tourists with views of the surrounding beaches are very beautiful. Jemur has scenery and natural panorama is wonderful, but it Jemur is very rich with the results of the sea, in addition Pulau Jemur  inhabited by species of turtles, which at certain seasons the turtles climb onto the beach to lay eggs this endangered species can spawn as many as 100 to 150 eggs each tail. In addition Jemur there are also several other tourism potentials include Goa Japan, Tower Beacon, human footprints, spring bones, remnants of the Japanese defense, Commander of stone screen, Marine Park, and golden sandy beaches. Green turtles are endangered animals are protected by the Government. If you want to travel on this island, you can see the direct green turtles, especially at night.

3. Pacu Jalur
Pacu This path is a district cultural event Sengingi most famous and awaited in Riau, normally held between the months of July or August each year. There are several important ritual also so thick that formerly enveloped several processes before the convening of this cultural event. In everyday language the local community "Strip" means a log. Tradition Runway Strip, is one part of the various flagship tourist attraction located in the district of Sengingi. This activity has been changed into a grand festival of traditional sports competition rowboat, which was also attended by a lot of rowers who come from across the region and overseas.

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