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Tourism And Travel In Kalimantan

Kalimantan or Borneo is the third largest island in the world located in the northern island of Java and west of the island of Sulawesi. Borneo island is divided into regions of Indonesia (73%), Malaysia (26%), and Brunei (1%). Borneo island known by the nickname "Thousand Island River" because of its many rivers on the island. Borneo island is an island that is very broad but relatively few occupants because the island of Borneo are still a lot of jungle forests. Touching on tourist destinations in Kalimantan, your mind may be directly fixed on the exotic island Derawan. Can not be denied, Derawan is indeed excerpts heaven. The beauty of the beaches and underwater gardens difficulty expressed by the words, making it a jewel for the island of Borneo; make anyone want to set foot there. In fact, the beauty of not only limited Borneo Derawan only. There are still many amazing places very worthy for you to explore. Intrigued by the exoticism that is hidden on the island of Borneo? I will share in this article.
1. Lake Sentarum
Sentarum Lake is one of the seasonal lake that is located in West Kalimantan, precisely in Kapuas Hulu. Every year during the 10 months of the lake is filled with water, and when the receding lake will is seen as forming small pools filled by small fish. Besides the natural beauty, the lake also has a unique Sentarum other. The lake is on the former ice age formed then has a wealth of flora and fauna is very remarkable that does not exist in other areas. Lake Sentarum also a birdwatcher's paradise. In the area of Sentarum National Park, tourists can see the Dayak community icon that is hornbill. More than 1,519 species of birds in Indonesia partly or 20 percent of bird species can be found in the region of Lake Sentarum.

2. Melawai Beach

Melawai Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Balikpapan. Almost everyone knows this beach Balikpapan. Its location on a side street so it's easy to be found, precisely located on the edge of Jalan Sudirman, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan province. In Melawai Beach, you will not be able to perform common activities on the beach such as swimming or diving. The beauty of Melawai Beach is at sunset. Sunset on the beach Melawai is the best sunset in Balikpapan. The view towards the horizon at sunset unobstructed by anything only fishing boats were being lowered anchors. If the view of its geographical position facing toward the East, it seems difficult to find a spot to view the sunset in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. But, assuming it will be broken after you visit Melawai beach is not far from the city center. The position of the beach is in a small bay making it as the location of the best sunset view in Balikpapan.
3. Island Kembang

Flower is a delta island located in the middle of the river Barito included in the district area Alalak, Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan province is home to long-tailed macaques. Kembang island located west of the city of Banjarmasin. Pulau Kembang designated as recreational forests. Flower Island is a habitat for the long-tailed macaques (monkeys) and several species of birds. Flower island region is also one of the attractions are located in the forest area in Barito Kuala. That said, the herd is led by the king ape apes. But these monkeys sacred by local Chinese citizens. In fact, in the middle of the forest there is an altar in the form of a statue or a white monkey Hanuman. we can reach the island located in Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan by boat motors from the edge of the Barito river.
4. Island Beras Basah
Pulau Beras Basah in Bontang, Bumi Etam, East Kalimantan. Pulau Beras Basah located about 40 minute sea journey. By renting a fishing boat, to enjoy the charms offered nautical island has white sand beaches it. Boats depart from a wooden dock in the Bontang Kuala, Bontang. Wet Rice Island is a tiny island has white sandy beaches and exotic underwater scenery. Towering lighthouse adds to the appeal of this island. Wait till dusk, you will be made unnerved. Do not forget to bring plenty of drinking water and tents. sea ​​water is very clear. from the ship, could see his green marine plants at the base of her. Even the occasional small fish looks vaguely down there. Meanwhile, uninhabited islands too crowded look. These small islands were only filled with lush mangrove trees. also found some settlements on the water. A set of house was not at all connected with the mainland. and a towering lighthouse as if to welcome visitors.

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